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28 Training Advice Questions and Answers:

1 :: What are the best C DAC centers for DAC course?

I did some research and i did find that sunbeam and IET pune are good C DAC centers for DAC course, but may not be best. IACSD, Pune seems to at par to sunbeam, pune.

What i found that ACTS, Pune is still the best. Also, MET mumbai, VITA mumbai and YCP mumbai also seems very good institute.

I was surprised not to find so many good words for ACTS, bangalore and ACTS, hyderabad. I am not sure if this is just lack of information or they really not so good.

ACTS trivendram suppose to be good for Mainframe course but again, they are not so well in DAC course.

2 :: Which is the best institute in Hyderabad for abap. Please tell me the prerequisites to learn abap?

If U are familiar with programming in any of the programming languages it will be sufficien for u to follow ABAP otherwise also its not that tough to learn if u put sincere effort

3 :: I am a fresher. I want to do career in software which will be used in agriculture. So what are the courses available and location and how can I update myself?

I am an Engineering Student. I can just guide you to learn by Youself. I think Training Institutes are all there for a bussiness rather than Providing the Placements.

Learn one or two Courses which you feel that will help you in your Career like Oracle,Java etc.

4 :: What is the scope of software testing these days? What are training centers in Delhi/ noida on software testing?

i think ducat noida sec 16 is a good centre for testing and you must go for free demo class

5 :: I am staying in Mumbai, to go for PLSQL training please suggest me Institute one doubt is there that is it necessary i should know C & C++?

For learning PLSQL you need not know C,C++. You could search in google and get a good training institure near your place.

8 :: What is the future scope for AS/400 testing? Can I go for this course?

There are quite a few openings for AS/400 testing. You could take this course.All the Best

9 :: I have done BE Mechanical i am a fresher 2012 pas-out is there scope for me in mainframe training i want to do it from HTML Bangalore. please advise me about mainframe and also as i am from mechanical stream so should i go for it?

If you have interest in doing mainframes you can go for it. If you want to go in the field of mechnical side with IT touch you can even learn CAD designing and go for that.All the Best.

10 :: What is the best approach and attitude to prepare oneself for the java/j2ee job market?

One important thing you can do is prepare yourself with salary and job demand information, specific to your location. Check out this link of J2EE Job Stats: www . odinjobs . com/J2EE_job_market_overview . html

11 :: I am a 33years old. I am MCA and currently working with Govt. sector at Bhopal. My husband has joined an MNC at Noida. Now I also want to switch over to software. But am currently not in touch with prevalent software. I have worked with Foxpro for windows so far as platform. You are requested to suggest what should I learn to get jobs at noida/ Delhi and what are good training centers at Delhi?

U have completed M.C.A and if u r really interesting to join software firm so just learn oracle 11i apps training in any institute from Delhi or Noida.U can easily get good job becs u just learn functional implementation part .In oracle apps my point of view just learn CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or SCM (Supply Chain Management).

12 :: Where can i find free tutorial for SAP BW module, what are the minimum prerequisites for learning BW module?

There is no prerequisites for learning BW module. Only thing is you must have quest for learning. So get going with it. All the Best.

14 :: I will be starting my career in Oracle 9i & D2k shortly (undergoing training). Will it be good for me to learn Oracle Apps without any experience in Oracle 9i?

There is no written law which says that you need to be expert in Oracle 9i to learn Oracle Apps.
Oracle 9i is about PLSQL. You CAN learn it all by youself.
Being aware of Oracle 9i, i.e., about PLSQL will certainly be an added advantage to your career.
Obviously, When it comes to learning, there is no such thing as Good or Bad.
Whatever you learn is for your own good.
Learning Oracle 9i will act as a catalyst and boost your career.

15 :: What should I learn SAP Abap NetWeaver or Microsoft Dynamics?

as an ERP consultant I ve worked with the two scripting languages and I can say that Microsoft Dynamics (c/Side) is very poor comparing to ABAP

Dynamics is focusing on small organizations whereas SAP target big ones

So if you that depends on your motivation and the way you plan your career

16 :: I have completed graduation B.SC computers worked in BPO for 2 yrs interested to learn software and friend advised to learn Oracle apps. how will be the future?

Hi friend, U first learn oracle 9i(sql,pl/sql) and d2k(forms & reprots 6i) after that u learn oracle apps u will get jobs on 2 years exp ok all the best

17 :: I have done B tech engineering in computer science in 2000. I worked for one year in data base systems. I could not pursue a serious career due to family commitments. I am good in SQL programming and likes. Pls advice me me on how to enter into career at this point?

Since you are into data base side I would suggest you to learn Oracle as this has a very good openings in market.BUt t give you a more clear guidance briefly let me know what was your role and what you worked for one year.