Group Interview Preparation Guide
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Group Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Group interview is an ideal win and win situation for both the employers and the employee. So lean how to deal with the Group Interview Questions with the help of this Group Interview Questions with Answers guide

25 Group Questions and Answers:

1 :: Group interview is an ideal win and win situation for both the employers and the employee.

Both of them get benefited from the situation. This process helps the candidate to know more about the company and the interviewer will have a better chance to know about the communication skills, team play, management skills, ideas, IQ, etc.

2 :: Group interviews are being conducted by many companies and institutions.

Companies initially have a group interview session to determine whether a candidate is suitable for an in-person interview session thereby avoiding costs and saving time. This is also a sort of group elimination technique used by the companies. Candidates will have greater chance to prove themselves at the initial phase about their qualities and strengths.

3 :: There are two types of group interviews to be precise.

In the first one group of candidates are given various questions, topics, etc to discuss about often when required interviewer steps into. He might not be present physically but he observes the group and records the process.

4 :: In the second type a candidate attends to a group of interviewers often greater than two this is also called as panel interview.
Initially you will be observed for

1) Clothing and body language.
2) Communication and interaction skills are very important from the employer perspective because you would be using those skills while working with colleagues.
3) Importantly participation and management skills.

5 :: Some of the important points which you need to do before going to the interview are: -

1) Do enough research about the company and the job position which you are applying to.
2) Make sure you are prepared for the technical and non technical questions.
3) Have some meaningful questions to ask the group and the interviewer about the company and in general.
4) Always remember that some candidates come unprepared so it is always better to stand out and ask questions.
5) Do some logical thinking exercises which will help you during the interview process because some companies conduct logical thinking exercises after the interview session.
6) During the process of logical thinking a group will be split into different sub groups and they will be presented with a case sheet. As per the logic you need to solve the problem presented before you with your team mates. In certain instances you may need to describe the way you approached to the solution along with your batch mates. Also be prepared to explain to the interviewer in person.

6 :: Some of the skills which you might be scrutinizing during the process of interview are: -

1) Interpersonal communication skills.
2) Communication skills.
3) Teamwork, leadership, stress management, persuasion, leadership, etc.
Some of the additional skills which are observed are: -
1) Stress management, planning and improvisation.
2) The way you handle criticism and resolve issue at hand.
3) Most importantly they will be testing the way you handle knowledge.

7 :: Some of the soft skills which you should follow during the interview process are: -

1) Take multiple copies of resume which you might need to distribute to the panel before the interview.
2) Shake hands with the panel which shows you about the confidence to approach your superiors in handling tasks.
3) Thank the panel before answering the question because they gave you a chance to speak.
4) When somebody from the panel asks you a question look at them before giving an answer and then maintain eye contact with every one in the panel which gives them the urge to know more about you and the interview in general.
5) When finishing the answer make sure that you finish it by looking at the person who asked you.
6) When it’s your turn to ask a question direct it to a specific person and maintain an eye contact.

8 :: Some of the interview question which might be asked: -

General topic of interest such as
► Whether open source is beneficial or a proprietary source
► Will Commodities trading benefit for economy or is it increasing prices.
► Graduates entering into BPOs rather than their main stream.
► Delivery (speed), quality, efficiency, etc which one is important, etc.

9 :: Make sure that you have all the topics written out and then prepare on those topics and in general.

Interview questions asked in the panel will be almost similar to the ones which are asked in in-person interview.

10 :: Explain about one of your hobbies in detail?

This is an important question because it is asking about the details present in your hobbies. Be honest and detail as much as you know. Try not to bluff the panel because they know much more than you.

11 :: Which is the most favorite work which you can do for ever?

This question is asking you about your passion. Be honest and detail as much as possible. Try not to bluff the panel.

12 :: Describe about your self and your technical expertise?

As the question states you need to express about your technical expertise and yourself. Explain to him about everything present in your resume and also your project in detail.

13 :: Tell me what made team work successfully?

Refer to aspects such as the good use of available resources, the management of obstacles, successful team communication, use of initiative and support and encouragement of each other. Focus on the approach the team took and acknowledge the contributions of individual members.

14 :: What you know about team struggle to accomplish the objective?

Refer to the reasons why things did not go according to plan, give specific examples. Demonstrate that you have been able to realistically analyze the situation and explain what you would have done, with hindsight, to improve the situation and deal with the problems the team experienced. Show an ability to offer solutions, not just to point out the problems.

15 :: How other team members described you?

Refer to the positive reactions your experienced from other team members. Support your perception of how you came across with examples of observations or remarks made by the team.

16 :: How to deal with stress created by meeting the challenges?

Describe the specific steps you took to remain calm and controlled. Focus on skills such as planning, flexibility, communication and discipline.

17 :: How would you describe yourself?

Avoid just repeating what is on your resume. Focus on highlighting your skills in a positive and job-relevant way. Try to set yourself apart from the other candidates as the most suitable person for the job. You need to think about the job requirements and emphasize your fit with these needs. You can mention observations others have made about your strengths and abilities to reinforce your answer.

18 :: What is personal group interview?

Personal group interview questions designed to get to know you as an individual may be asked on a one-to-one basis during the group interview process.

19 :: What are your goals?

Tailor your goals to the realities of this position and company. Don't offer specific job titles or time frames. Focus on types of experiences you hope to gain and the abilities you want to develop.

20 :: How this job fit with your career goals?

Consider realistically the opportunities available in this organization. Refer to what you will learn in this position and how this fits in with your personal development plan.