Corporate Communication Interview Preparation Guide
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Corporate Communication guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Corporate Communication frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of Corporate Communication interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Corporate Communication Interview Question or answer. Ask Corporate Communication Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

27 Corporate Communication Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me do you always double-check your work?

Job seeker should show that they are aware of the quality process and that they try to deliver a flawless project

2 :: What Do you think this company is ambitious and if so, why?

Job seeker should demonstrate a good knowledge of the company, especially its past achievements, and have an optimistic and positive view of its future.

3 :: Tell me If a clash of personalities were to occur with a colleague, what steps would you take to make the working relationship run smoothly?

Things to look for: Does the job seeker seem to have the ability to solve this issue? What steps would they take? Does the thought of a personality conflict intimidate them? Do they seem confrontational or quietly assertive?

4 :: Tell me What important goals have you achieved in the past year?

Look for an answer that demonstrates real ambition that is also backed, not only by persistence, but by a real enthusiasm to succeed. Try to determine if they have a record of practical achievement.

6 :: Explain Have you ever been in a situation, at work, when you have been motivated to question an ethical issue?

Evaluate the answer and try to see if the job seeker is intimidated by authority figures; are they prepared to protest something they do not believe in; are they able to see things from someone else's perspective.

7 :: Explain me an example of an assignment that you found difficult to finish? How did you go about it?

Answer should show the job seeker is quality conscious, understands the importance of time management techniques, understands how critical deadlines are, and does not give up when obstacles occur.

8 :: Tell me Is detail important to you? Do you think details should be left to your assistant?

Job seeker should show that they check their work to ensure that he/she delivers good quality product and that they take responsibility for his/her own work.

Details are important as it helps one to understand thing to analyze it come up with a good result. When making a report or working on a specific issue, not only your assistant but you should also know the details of it. This will make you also answerable when any question arouse

9 :: Can you tell me about a time when you backed off in a meeting because you felt someone else should speak or have an opportunity?

Answer should show that they have self-control, have respect for others, are ready to help people, and that they are a team player.

10 :: Tell us about a time when you had to be very careful in communicating delicate information. What was the possible risk involved and how did you go about it?

Job seeker should appear to understand the necessity of confidentiality, to have the ability to disclose delicate/sensitive information carefully, and with utmost sensitivity.

12 :: Explain Some people believe life is all about ?The survival of the fittest?. Today, others are suggesting, from new biological evidence, that life is in fact all about the ?The survival of the most cooperative?. What do you think?

Candidate should knows the importance of co-operating, they seem to try to co-operate with others, and tries their best to keep the relationship with his/hers co-workers and superiors healthy.

Friends,While answering such a type of question. don't feel nervous. See HR people are playing with words , so if somebody wants to play with you play them along.

Do not bother wheather it is right or wrong.

They always say " when your in rome behave like roman"

So simply say 100% agreed on this point.

13 :: Tell me do you have any past heroes?

Pay attention to the heroes and look for the qualities they admire. Do they possess any of those qualities? Look for historic figures that have demonstrated a clear purpose, enthusiasm and all the other specific qualities that resonant with the position you are offering.

14 :: Explain What are your career goals - both short-term and long term?

Job seeker should demonstrate clear purpose, enthusiasm and commitment to own goals; plans ahead; do they see the company intertwined with their future plans?

15 :: Explain How ambitious are you? And why do you think you are ambitious?

Job Seeker should demonstrate a real ambition that is also backed by a persistence and real enthusiasm to succeed. However, check that this ambition is balanced by a sense of clear-headiness and an innate common sense. Make sure that the candidate is ?grounded? in reality.

16 :: What is spokes person profiling?

★ Managing print media
★ Managing corporate publications - for the external world
★ Managing content of corporate websites and/or other external touch points

17 :: What is Media relations?

To build better relationships with the media, organizations must cultivate positive relations with influential members of the media. This task might be handled by employees within the company's media relations department or handled by a public relations firm.

18 :: What is Issues management?

Key role of PR specialist is to make company better known for traits and attributes that build company's perceived distinctiveness and competitiveness with public. In recent years, PR specialists have become increasingly involved in helping companies manage strategic issues - public concerns about their activities that are frequently magnified by special interest groups and NGOs. Role of PR specialist therefore also consists of issues management, namely "set of organizational procedures, routines, personnel, and issues". A strategic issue is one that compels a company to deal with it because there is " a conflict between two or more identifiable groups over procedural or substantive matters relating to distribution of positions or resources".

19 :: Described about Investor relations?

The investor relations (IR) function is used by companies which publicly trade shares on a stock exchange. In such companies, the purpose of the IR specialist is to interface with current and potential financial stakeholders-namely retail investors, institutional investors, and financial analysts.

20 :: What is the role of investor relations?

★ Comply with regulations
★ Create a favorable relationship with key financial audiences
★ Contribute to building and maintaining the company's image and reputation.