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15 Cardiology Questions and Answers:

1 :: What are the positional changes in pain noted by patients with pericarditis?

Pain due to pericarditis is usually aggravated by thoracic
motion, cough, or deep breathing; it may be relieved by
sitting up and leaning forward
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2 :: How long does it take for total CPK levels in the blood to return to normal after a myocardial infarction?

for return to normal range is between 36 to 72 hours
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3 :: What is the kussmal sign?

Kussmaul's sign is the observation of a jugular venous
pressure (JVP, the filling of the jugular vein) that rises
with inspiration. It can be seen in some forms of heart
Ordinarily the JVP falls with inspiration due to
reduced pressure in the expanding thoracic cavity.
Kussmaul's sign suggests impaired filling of the right
ventricle due to either fluid in the pericardial space or a
poorly compliant myocardium or pericardium.
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4 :: What is the best most specific and sensitive indicator for a Re-Myocardial Infartion(Post MI)?

CPK-MB's Coz they return normal after 4-5 days but the
Troponins are raised for 4 weeks after 1st MI.
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5 :: Describe the classical signs of mitral stenosis?

diastolic rumple
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6 :: What is peripheral resistance?

It is the resistance ofeered to the flowing of blood by the
vesselspresent in the Periphery ie the arteriole whose
diameter varies between 100 to 4oo micromillimeter & also by
the smooth muscle of the precapillary sphincter.
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9 :: What are the most common causes of cardiovascular related syncope?

Arrhythmias and neurocardiogenic syncope.
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