Pharmacy Technician Interview Preparation Guide
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Pharmacy Technician Frequently Asked Questions in various Pharmacy Technician job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

30 Pharmacy Technician Questions and Answers:

1 :: How a prescription is filled for a patient?

The process begins with receiving the prescription and understanding it correctly. Then the necessary ingredients are obtained and mixed accordingly in proper proportions and containers. Tags are also highly technical and require expertise. It is then given to the licensed pharmacist for inspection before being handed to the patient.

2 :: Which character traits does the job require?

Pharmacy technicians must be absolute experts at what they are doing, since there is no room for mistakes when preparing medications according to doctor's orders. They must be professional, careful, and highly detail-oriented.

3 :: Tell me about storage of drugs?

Storage is an important issue. Technicians are responsible for maintaining storage conditions, which ensure that drugs are always safe to use.

4 :: Which are the responsibilities does a technician have which are not directly related to medication?

Technicians are also charged with administrative duties such as maintaining patient profiles, selling medicine and keeping an up-to-date inventory, answering phones, preparing insurance forms, etc.

5 :: Have you worked in this capacity in the past?

Technicians work in hospitals and health stores, pharmacies, nursing homes, etc. Work is part or full time, sometimes working irregular hours, weekends, evenings, etc.