Lady Doctors Interview Preparation Guide
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Lady Doctors related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Lady Doctors. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

60 Lady Doctors Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell us is this your dream job?

All the doctors in their entire life dream of becoming a member of a reputed hospital where they can save people from dying. To answer this question you shall highlight the achievements of the hospital and the way this hospital is serving the people. You should always acknowledge this job as your dream job because only then the interviewer can trust you and will hire you in the hospital.

2 :: Tell us when was the last time you were head of a medical team?

For this question, you should give all the details of the last project that you handled. You should also highlight your achievements in this project and the results that you have reached. It was because of your dedication towards work and your willingness to serve the patients that you were selected as the team head.

3 :: Tell me more specifically about this medical institution (hospital, clinic, etc.) and why you have this opening?

Most job postings are pretty general: “Looking for a hospitalist in Denver” or “Opening for EM physician in New York.” They say nothing about why this position is open in the first place.

Is someone retiring? Did someone leave? Is the facility looking to expand because it has too much volume? The motivations for bringing you on will greatly influence the responsibilities and expectations of your position.

4 :: Tell me how can I specifically help this institution to meet their goals?

Every doctor has unique skills and experiences. Use this question to help figure out why you specifically seem like a good candidate to the employer.

Are they hoping that you will bring in more volume? Will you be expected to take more call? Do you have specific skills they are looking for? You should feel like you’re contributing to the facility in a unique way just as the facility is helping you to achieve your goals as a doctor.

5 :: Tell us why are you leaving your current job as Lady Doctor?

Truthfulness and tact is key in answering this question. You should always detail the reasons for looking for work outside of your current employment in a positive context. You may want to find new challenges or seek career advancement. You may also reveal that you wish to work for a more secure organization with better benefits. While answering the question, it pays to refocus the inquiry by highlighting why the available position you’re applying for can provide what was lacking in your previous job. But take particular care not to talk badly about a current/previous employer.

6 :: Tell us what, in your opinion, is the most important skill in building good relationships with people?

Family Doctors need to be people "experts," having the ability to connect with patients. Candidates should, to some degree, ruminate on the benefits of empathy, not only in the capacity of caring for others, but as it relates to understanding perspectives outside of their own.

7 :: Tell us how do you interact positively with support staff?

As a physician, I understand that the support staff, such as nurses, CNAs and administrative professionals, provide essential care to patients and deserve to be treated with my respect as members of the health team. I make sure to get to know the individuals on the support team so that I can encourage them to provide the best care possible and also to pay attention to their expertise and the information they get from their interactions with patients.

9 :: Tell us what procedure did you follow in finding a solution to a patient’s complex medical condition?

This question will indicate the candidate's problem-solving skills.

10 :: Tell us as a member of the nursing staff complains that an intern is not attending calls and not doing duties properly, what will you do?

A big tip for this question is to avoid the inclination to stereotype nursing staff and refer to the nurse in this scenario as female.

Hypothetical scenarios are common in doctor interviews. This one bundles both the potential for work conflict (between yourself and the nurse, yourself and your colleague and the nurse and your colleague) along with topical matter of trainee doctor well being and what's called the trainee in difficulty.

So the key here is to cover all the key principles in the scenario. To show you have broad awareness of what might be going on.

11 :: Explain me how did you get to know about the position of doctor we are offering to you?

This is a tricky question that can trap you because sometimes if you do not want to mention the name of the person who told you about the job then that may not work well for the interview panel. You should be ready with your answer to this question. You can act a little smart by saying that you always wanted to work in this hospital and so you follow the job scenario here very carefully.

12 :: Explain me about your background?

This open-ended question is an important starting point, although the practice already has information about background, credentials, and experience from the candidate’s resume.

13 :: Please explain what are the ultimate goals for this medical institution?

First, take the time to determine what your own goals are: What drove you into medicine? Why do you enjoy being a doctor?

Then, during the interview, figure out what the facility’s goals are, if your goals align, and how you can help work towards those goals.

14 :: Tell us what are your strengths and weaknesses as a doctor?

There is no such thing as a perfect employee in any line of work. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and if you’re asked about them, you should never lie. Mention your work ethic and your amiable traits, but also disclose a few tasks that may be a bit difficult for you. The point is to stress that even you have weaknesses, but your strengths and your determination to rise above your limitations outweigh them.

15 :: Tell us what are your salary expectations as Lady Doctor?

It’s best that you don’t talk about your salary expectations during an interview. However, if you are asked about it, you must be cautious in providing a specific figure. If you ask for an amount that’s too high, you might be eliminated from consideration altogether. If the number is too low, you might give the impression that your talents are not of sufficient value. If it cannot be avoided, the best possible answer to this question is to respond that you are looking to receive a competitive salary that matches your expertise, experience and anticipated workload.

16 :: Tell me how do you remain current in your medical training?

To remain up-to-date on the relevant research in my field, I attend yearly conferences in internal medicine, and I maintain a current subscription to ACP Internist to receive news about the internist community and information about clinical issues in internal medicine. I make sure to follow the latest studies that affect internal medicine, as well.

17 :: Tell us what steps would you take if you were unable to provide a patient with a strong diagnosis?

Demonstrates candidates' willingness to acknowledge their own short-comings and refer patients to specialists. Be wary of candidates who demonstrate a lack of teamworking skills.

18 :: Please explain as a nurse is insisting to give medication to a patient whom you don't know and you don’t know the medication. What do you do?

Some questions seem simple on the surface. But providing a simple answer is not going to get you very far. Its obvious with this hypothetical question that you should of course not go ahead an prescribe the medication.

But you need to show your awareness of the needs of others in this situation, in particular the member of nursing staff and the patient.

☛ How are you going to discuss your dilemma with the nurse and possible the patient?
☛ Is the situation urgent? Will you need to call your senior for advice?
☛ Do you have time to go away and look up the medication and review the patient's file?
☛ What will you be telling the nurse? Their job is probably being held up by your current lack of knowledge. So you should be indicating to them when you will be able to get back to them.

19 :: Please explain what will my schedule look like? What is the volume of patients I can expect to see?

First, figure out the patient volume you’re most comfortable with. Be honest with yourself here – this will inform what you want to hear for this question.

When asking this question make sure to get specific information like:

☛ What your hours will be
☛ How many days you will see patients and what volume to expect
☛ General size and volume of patients the entire facility sees
☛ Call schedules
☛ Weekend schedules

20 :: Explain me a situation in which you used historical data to solve a patient's medical needs. How did you use the data?

This question examines a candidate's quantitative ability. Candidates should speak on the significance of data's role in the building patient profiles and demonstrate creative uses for data in solving medical problems.