Family Physician Interview Preparation Guide
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Family Physician based Frequently Asked Questions in various Family Physician job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

47 Family Physician Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can you tell us how do you approach dealing with an angry patient, and why?

Knowing how you will handle a difficult situation will tell the interviewer if you have the the right attitude for this job. Being a physician means you have to deal with people from very different backgrounds and with varying personalities. Give the interviewer an example of how you would handle an angry patient.

2 :: Explain me what makes you stand out from other candidates as Family Physician?

For a question like this, it is crucial to revisit your unique skill set and passions that inspired your initial application to the practice opportunity. How will these benefit the medical group?

I am bilingual in Spanish and English. Additionally, I volunteer for medical missions to South America annually. As a result, I have developed the necessary cultural competence to effectively care for and communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and family members.

3 :: Do you have any questions for us regarding Family Physician?

This question is key. It is an excellent opportunity to stand out and show that you are committed to performing well in the organization.

Could you describe the abilities and characteristics of family medicine physicians who are generally considered to have high potential for advancement within your organization?

4 :: What kind of salary are you looking for as Family Physician?

We try to coach our candidates to steer away from talking about salary in an interview. If you say a number that is too high for the hospital, you might be taking yourself out of the race. If you give them a number that is low, you are either leaving money on the table or you are giving the interviewer the impression that you are worth less than the next candidate. Possible answer: “I am looking for at least a competitive salary; I definitely want to receive compensation equal to the effort put forth.

5 :: Tell us why you have chosen this field of speciality as Family Physician?

In the profession of doctors, there are many specialities. So, why there is any field of speciality to a doctor. For example, if any doctor is a gynaecologist, then you shall be able to explain that you always welcome new life in the world. Also, you would like to get detailed knowledge of various problems that a woman has to suffer. You would like to find out the solution to these problems through research.

6 :: Tell us as a doctor have any weakness or strength?

All of us have some weakness or strength and same goes to the doctors too. You should never hide your weakness, if any, from the interviewer. Say if you can do all your duties well, but it will be difficult for you to be available for night shifts due to some personal problems. Also, any strength can act as a benefit for you. Like you are a cardiologist, but you can also perform surgery in case of an emergency. In this way, you can save the life of a patient.

7 :: Tell us what kinds of opportunities are available for physicians?

Ask about what kind of professional development and leadership opportunities are available for physicians. Will you be required to serve on committees, lead any initiatives, or mentor other physicians? If so, how would that work? If it is a group practice, is there partnership potential?

8 :: Tell us do you have any knowledge about our hospital?

This type of hospital interview questions are commonly asked by the interviewer to know that, do you have any idea about the rules and regulations of the hospital. For this, you should be well prepared about the history of the hospital. Along with this, you should also do a detailed study of the various policies of the hospital. The terms and conditions of the hospital should be clear to you before applying for the job.

9 :: Please explain what characteristics do you think are important for healthcare professionals to possess?

There is more than one reason for asking this question. First, the interviewer wants to know what qualities you think are important to perform this job. Second, and most importantly, your answer will tell the interviewer if you hold yourself to the same standard as you do others. If you want to see certain characteristics in your peers, you should be able to tell the interviewer with confidence that you possess those traits, as well. This question is one that interviewers often use to distinguish sincerity on the part of the candidate.

10 :: Please explain what can I expect to hear from your references in terms of strengths and weaknesses as Family Physician?

The simple act of reflecting on this question before applying to a job, allows you to coach your references on what could be helpful in their comments. For instance, if you are applying for a practice that has a Suboxone niche, asking your references to highlight this skill set with potential employers could set you up for success.

During the interview, this question affords you the opportunity to initiate a detailed conversation about the great things you bring to the organization as a physician candidate. If you’ve had any past mishaps that might appear in referencing, this also gives you the opportunity to address them and place a positive spin on it.

My references will likely comment about my Suboxone certification and my enthusiasm to build a Suboxone clinic in our Eastside clinic. They may also say that I’m an over achiever and can put too much on my plate at one time.

11 :: Why are you interested in this position as Family Physician?

This is likely one of the first questions a candidate might be asked. Most candidates see success when they highlight the facility and the surrounding area. Talk about why you want to be in that city (Is it the size of the city? Cost of living? The people? Quality schools for your kids?
No income tax?) and what is unique about the facility (Size? Renowned doctors?
The facility culture?). This is a subjective question, but try to answer succinctly and get to the point quickly.

12 :: Please explain what are your achievements till date?

You should never hide your achievements from the interview panel. List down all the awards that you have achieved for your hard work. If there are scholarships that you have won, then list them down in your award list. Never forget to list the seminars and conferences that you have attended. Any workshops that you have conducted for the betterment of your patients. If you are a member of a faculty in any of the medical institutes or called for taking lectures, listing all these will highlight your achievements and will show the interviewer your dedication about the work.

13 :: Tell us how do you support physician wellness amid daily demands?

Ask questions about patient loads, support positions, work scheduling and on-call duties, if you haven’t already tracked down this information prior to your interview. If you have the opportunity to meet with any of the organization’s physicians, you might ask their experiences and how they approach the issue of work-life balance.

14 :: Tell me will you work at the salary we are offering you?

One of the most important aspects of a job is the salary offered to you. If the job offered to you is in one of the respectable hospitals in the country, then you shall not consider salary as a major aspect in your career. You shall make advisor believe that it is the hospital that you want to get associated with rather than the money. The aim that the hospital holds for itself is the same for you as well.

15 :: Please explain what is your planning about the future?

If you are a doctor then you always dream of something big in your lifetime. You should explain the interviewer about your future plans of opening a hospital in the country with all the latest medical equipment from all around the world. Also, how you are going to invest your entire plan, whether through loans or any other backup that you have.

16 :: Please explain what would be included in my compensation?

Many experts suggest waiting until the interviewer brings up this topic, but you should be prepared just in case. Find out as much as you can ahead of time from your recruiter about salary, benefits, opportunities for bonuses, profit-sharing (if applicable), and student loan repayments. If you are offered the position, that is generally the best time to negotiate.

17 :: Explain me about a time you were trusted with confidential information? One of the most important things physicians have to pay attention to is patient confidentiality?

Working within the medical career field you are trusted with sensitive information each day. Don't fall into this trap and answer this question with a story containing confidential information, people will view your answer negatively and view you as not being trustworthy. If you choose to tell about a situation be sure to be vague and not use names or too many details.

18 :: Please explain what are your goals and objectives as Family Physician?

Think of this question in terms of what the interviewer wants to hear. Try to phrase your goals and objectives to be in alignment with the position for which you are interviewing. Possible answer: I want to build a solid practice, provide consistent quality care for my patients and be part of the team.

19 :: Common Family Physician Interview Questions:

☛ How manageable is the volume of telephone calls the practice receives?
☛ What are the weaknesses of your current charting system?
☛ How would you describe your organization’s relationship with third-party payers?
☛ Is the practice computerized?
☛ Is the computer system easy to learn and to use? How often does it have problems?
☛ Is it difficult to get equipment replaced or to get new equipment when needed?
☛ How would you describe your level of autonomy?
☛ Do you feel the physicians can effectively address your concerns?
☛ Is the office manager responsive when you have concerns?
☛ How satisfied are you with the organization's compensation package?
☛ Are bonuses given?
☛ Do you have any issues or concerns regarding compensation?
☛ How does the overall organization seem to be doing financially? What about this clinic?
☛ How long have you worked here?
☛ What do you like best about the organization?
☛ What would you change if you could?
☛ How much turnover has occurred during the past 12 months?
☛ Why have people left?
☛ Have you ever considered leaving?

20 :: Administrative Family Physician Job Interview Questions:

☛ Does the organization have a mission statement? If so, what is it?
☛ What are its goals?
☛ How would you describe the organization’s overall financial health? How is this clinic doing financially?
☛ What is the business plan for the next five to 10 years?
☛ What is the overhead?
☛ Is any expansion, integration or corporate rearrangement currently being considered?
☛ Are you aware of any specific plans for capital improvements?
☛ How would you describe the practice’s relationship with third-party payers?
☛ Is the practice computerized? What are the future computerization plans?
☛ What’s the payer mix?
☛ How long does it take to get credentialed with the major plans in your area?
☛ How much autonomy do physicians have in this organization?
☛ Do physicians choose their own hours?
☛ Do physicians determine how much time they spend with each patient?
☛ Do physicians work any evening or weekend office hours?
☛ Do physicians receive feedback or education regarding performance quality, billing and coding?
☛ Do physicians receive feedback regarding patient satisfaction?
☛ Do physicians hire and fire their own staff? Do physicians have the authority to hire more staff, if needed?
☛ Do physicians conduct performance reviews for staff?
☛ How much input do physicians have regarding staff salaries?
☛ Is there an office manager for the clinic or is the office manager in a centralized location?
☛ What is the compensation plan (i.e., salary, benefits, vacation, time off for CME, maternity leave)?
☛ Is compensation tied to productivity?
☛ Is there any money allotted for continuing medical education?
☛ Are bonuses given?
☛ Who pays for beepers, cell phones, professional dues and licenses?
☛ Are moving expenses covered?