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42 Medical Doctor Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is best doctors?

Best Doctors is a suite of services that enables people to draw on the knowledge of medical experts to make sure they have the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right care. In the U.S., Best Doctors is offered by employers at no cost to employees and their families. It is also available from health plans as a policyholder benefit. Best Doctors helps its members:
Confirm a diagnosis or treatment plan through an expert review of their medical records
► Get expert answers to questions about a medical condition
► Receive support when making treatment decisions
► Find a local medical specialist
Our services are 100% confidential and provided over the phone and through our proprietary web platform. There is no need to travel or visit doctors' offices.

2 :: What is in-depth medical reviews?

Through our Inter Consultation service, a member's diagnosis and treatment plan are reviewed in detail by a leading physician expert. Our expert provides a comprehensive report, either confirming what the member has been told or recommending a change. It's like getting a second opinion, only better.

3 :: How to ask the experts?

Members can get expert answers to basic questions about a diagnosis, treatment or a health condition. They call Best Doctors to discuss their concerns and we deliver their questions to the most appropriate specialist. We'll even help determine what questions to ask.

4 :: How to find a best doctor?

If a member needs to find a local specialist who is approved by his or her health plan, Best Doctors can help. We have a database of more than 53,000 medical experts in over 450 specialties and subspecialties. We'll find the doctor who's right for each member.

5 :: How to explore my options?

We help members understand all their treatment options, including drugs and medical procedures, before making a medical decision. We provide information, coaching and resources so that a member facing a medical challenge has a better idea of which step is best to take.

6 :: Who offers best doctors?

Best Doctors is a no-cost benefit provided by companies as part of their employee benefits package. It is also offered by health plans as a policyholder benefit.

7 :: Why do employers and health plans offer best doctors?

Because they recognize the challenges and stresses that can occur when someone is uncertain about a medical diagnosis or treatment plan. Best Doctors helps people make medical decisions with confidence and ensures that they are getting the right care. It supplements the work of the member's own doctor(s) and does not replace it.
Today, 34% of all medical diagnoses are wrong. 68% of treatment plans require a correction. 38% of surgeries are unnecessary. With Best Doctors, members can be sure their diagnoses and treatment plans are right - and they can be confident they're making the right decisions about their health.

8 :: What types of medical conditions qualify for best doctors?

Best Doctors provides services for a wide range of medical conditions. They can include everything from back pain and sports injuries to chronic diseases and life-threatening illnesses. Best Doctors does not provide services for mental health disorders as in-person evaluations are more appropriate.

9 :: How has best doctors helped its members?

There are many examples of Best Doctors helping patients with everything from minor surgery to life-threatening illnesses.

10 :: Tell me what are some of the attributes of a successful physician?

► A high level of knowledge and clinical skills
► Professionalism
► Leadership skills
► Ethics
► Compassion
► Communication skills with diverse patients and colleagues
► Commitment to continued professional development