Wireless Testing Interview Preparation Guide
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35 Wireless Testing Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me how are the difficulties involved with testing of Mobile and Cellular Handsets overcome by testers?

The most common and important difficulties that should be overcome by testers is testing on multiple types of handsets and automation testing.

How can you overcome them?

As a tester you need to make yourself more aware of the automation services/tools to run tests on mobiles handsets.
A smart mobile simulation program is hooked on to the actual (physical) handset at 'device anywhere' site. Companies pay per use or a monthly fee. The UI is like that of a mobile simulator, but the tests run on a phone.
The beauty lies in the variety of mobile phones they offer. I'm no way connected to device anywhere company but I'm a customer who is benefiting from their service. Awesome part is: automation testing on physical devices, how nice does it get?

Knowledge of popular handset used by public will also be of immense help to test mobile applications

2 :: Explain what technologies are used with Wireless Testing?

The technology used will determine the type of test environment and tools that we need.

* Bluetooth, etc.
* Security protocols


* WAP Simulators by hardware vendor: Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola
* Capture/Playback - such as TestPartner by Compuware
* Performance Testing - such as QA Load Compuware

3 :: Tell me what is Wireless Test Executive?

Wireless test executive is an easy-to-use graphic interface for controlling test selection, execution, and runtime options. Tests are displayed in a hierarchical list where each entry represents one test.Test Objects are a key component of the Test Executive Architecture.The Test Objects operate with the Test Executive through a standard interface that is provided by the Test Executive DLL.

4 :: Can you explain what is the term load in wireless testing?

Its giving enough load to the process. Suppose a user using the wireles interface for communication, which it is many-many communicator.

1. Check the interface behaves once another communicator is in request(make a call to a
interface, which is busy in communcating with another interface).

2. Check the Wireless interface performance on invoking the another application( Reminder, Alaram invoked on call, Message received, low battery ect..)

5 :: Tell me what are the different levels in Wireless Testing?

Levels of testing:
1.Usability Testing
2.Network Performance Testing
3.Server-Side Testing
4.Automating Unit Testing

6 :: Do you know how is Wireless network adapters tested?

1. Check that the Wireless Network Adapter is on and verified by LED glow.
2. Check that the Wireless Network Adapter is suited for the different OS.
3. Check the Wireless Network Adapter is able to pass Installation Testing.
4. Check that the Wireless Network Adapter is able to configure.
5. Check the data flows(in/out) functions for the Wireless Network Adapter.
6. Check the flow rate of data and should not breakup.
7. Check the Time delay taken for every process.
8. Data Transmission should not be freeze at any situation.

7 :: Tell me how can we utilize RACAL in Mobile Testing?

RACAL is Base station emulator, using this we can test all mobile use cases in the controlled environment.

9 :: Explain the difference between WEP and TKIP?

WEP: Wired Equivalent Privacy

TKIP: Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

10 :: Tell me the difference between TLS and TTLS?

TLS: Transfport Layer Security

TTLS: Tunneled Transport Layer Security