Software QA Testing Interview Preparation Guide
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Software QA Testing Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Software QA is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software Testing also provides an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks at implementation of the software. So learn more about Software QA with this Software QA Testing Interview Questions with Answers guide

251 Software QA Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Software Quality Assurance?

Software QA involves the entire software development PROCESS - monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed, and ensuring that problems are found and dealt with. It is oriented to 'prevention'.

2 :: What is Quality Assurance (QA)?

(1)The planned systematic activities necessary to ensure that a component, module, or system conforms to established technical requirements.
(2) All actions that are taken to ensure that a development organization delivers products that meet performance requirements and adhere to standards and procedures.
(3) The policy, procedures, and systematic actions established in an enterprise for the purpose of providing and maintaining some degree of confidence in data integrity and accuracy throughout the life cycle of the data, which includes input, update, manipulation, and output.
(4) (QA) The actions, planned and performed, to provide confidence that all systems and components that influence the quality of the product are working as expected individually and collectively.

3 :: Explain Quality Control?

The operational techniques and procedures used to achieve quality requirements.

4 :: What is Test methodology?

Test methodology is up to the end client, and can be used, reused, and molded to your end client's needs. Rob Davis believes that using the right test methodology is important in the development and ongoing maintenance of his clients' applications.

5 :: What is Test schedule?

The test schedule is a schedule that identifies all tasks required for a successful testing effort, a schedule of all test activities and resource requirements.

6 :: What is Grey box testing?

Grey box testing is a software testing technique that uses a combination of black box testing and white box testing. Gray box testing is not black box testing, because the tester does know some of the internal workings of the software under test. In grey box testing, the tester applies a limited number of test cases to the internal workings of the software under test. In the remaining part of the grey box testing, one takes a black box approach in applying inputs to the software under test and observing the outputs.

7 :: What is Manual Testing?

That part of software testing that requires operator input, analysis, or evaluation.
A manual test is a test for which there is no automation. Instead, test steps are outlined in a document for the tester to complete. The tester can then report test results and submit bugs as appropriate.

8 :: What is Alpha Testing?

1. Acceptance testing performed by the customer in a controlled environment at the developer's site. The software is used by the customer in a setting approximating the target environment with the developer observing and recording errors and usage problems.
Testing of a software product or system conducted at the developer’s site by the end user.

2. Alpha testing is testing of an application when development is nearing completion. Minor design changes can still be made as a result of alpha testing. Alpha testing is typically performed by a group that is independent of the design team, but still within the company, e.g. in-house software test engineers, or software QA engineers.

3. Alpha testing is final testing before the software is released to the general public. First, (and this is called the first phase of alpha testing), the software is tested by in-house developers. They use either debugger software, or hardware-assisted debuggers. The goal is to catch bugs quickly. Then, (and this is called second stage of alpha testing), the software is handed over to us, the software QA staff, for additional testing in an environment that is similar to the intended use.

9 :: What is Incremental testing?

Incremental testing is partial testing of an incomplete product. The goal of incremental testing is to provide an early feedback to software developers.

10 :: What is OO Integration Testing?

This strategy involves testing the classes as they are integrated into the system. The traditional approach would test each operation separately as they are implemented into a class. In OO system this approach is not viable because of the "direct and indirect interactions of the components that make up the class"
. Integration testing in OO can be performed in two basic ways :
- Thread-based - Takes all the classes needed to react to a given input. Each class is unit tested and then thread constructed from these classes tested as a set.
- Uses-based - Tests classes in groups. Once the group is tested, the next group that uses the first group (dependent classes) is tested. Then the group that uses the second group and so on. Use of stubs or drivers may be necessary. Cluster testing is similar to testing builds in the traditional model. Basically collaborating classes are tested in clusters.