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Automation Testing frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Automation Testing. These interview questions and answers on Automation Testing will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Automation Testing job interview

10 Automation Testing Questions and Answers:

1 :: Suppose a[0]=I
a[2]=D like that it gos
out put we need INDIA?

option Explicit

Dim Str, i, arr_len

Dim arr(10)



for i=0 to arr_len


msgbox Str

2 :: Do you know images are dynamically changes how to compare two images?

for this you can use isequalbin method..i am showing below

' Code for comparing two images
Set CompareUtil = CreateObject("Mercury.FileCompare")
IsEqualFlag = CompareUtil.IsEqualBin(Img1, Img2, 0, 1)

in above code 0 means in file compare class showing no
error ; syntax FC_NO_ERROR = 0
1 means in file compare class showing difference of
size; FC_DIFF_SIZE = 1

3 :: What is the your roles and responsibilities as automation testing engineer?

1) Write the Test script
2) Run the Test Script
3) And make a Report

4 :: How to capture the text from the application using QTP?


5 :: What are the parameters you are considering for object identification?

Normal identification--HTML TAG,Name and Innertext in case
of webelement or link .If that is not enough for
identification will go for assistive itdentification items
and if not able to recognize then after it will use ordinal
identification like index location creation time in case of
web Browser.

6 :: What is meant by iterative model? What is its working principle? What are its advantages and what are its drawbacks?

In iterative model, the requirements are given in advance to the tester based on which he can prepare test cases.Using the test cases, the developer can prepare the required source code accordingly.This method is also known as Test Driven Development.(TDD)

7 :: What is the difference between testing and debugging?

Testing is the process of finding bugs,defects or error.or
it is simply checking whether the software/application is
matching with the SRS or not.It is done by testers.

Debugging is fixing of bugs.It is done by developers.

8 :: What is the difference between development and testing?

Development is the process to write the source code for a given program for a specific application. It is done by developers.
Testing ,on the other hand is to test the application with the intention of finding errors/ defects in it. It is done by Test Engineers.

9 :: What is the difference between quality and testing?

-Quality means only and only "meeting specification" nothing

-what a user want??if he is getting everything then he will
say good quality.

-Quality leads to a brand not the vice verse.

-Testing doesn't mean quality improvement.

-Testing means exercising your brain a little bit to
examine a product..In turn the result is improvement of


10 :: What is ETL TESTING?

A tester generally does the following task in ETL environment:

1. Review the requirements
2. Review the source data - data profiling.
3. Modify the source data to meet any requirements that
weren't already met with the original source data.
4. Execute the ETL job(s)/transformation(s).
5. Validate the results.
6. Validate that the data is usable. If the data isn't
usable, then you really haven't gained anything.