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9 Test Documents Reporting Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain how the Risks for the basic web page testing in the Test Plan, as i am writing my first test plan?

If u r thinking about any application point of view, the
basic risks would include the following :

1. Critical Defects may be found @ later stages of Testing.
2. Time and Schedule is important concern.
3. If it is a New Application for which u r writing Test
Plan, the Risk may be like QA resources are still learning
the application and may need more time to find critical
4. Modules with Low risk may be not be tested @ later

Their r many risks to point out if u r writing a Test Plan
for an Enhancement related to a Product.

2 :: What is Test idea? Explain format of test idea?

the test idea format is nothing but test means the user can
written the memory answer

3 :: How to how many levels of regression testing is available in our testing process?

There are 3 types of regression
1)Unit regression : nothing but retesting ie testing to
make sure that bug is properly fixed or not / new enhanced
feature is working according to the specification.

2)Regional Regressin : Unit regression + testing the impact
area to make sure that bug fixation or new feature not
affecting the unchanged module.90% of the case industry
prefers this regression.

3)Full Regression : when it is difficult to identify the
impact area after the bug fixation or after adding the new
feature ,instead of wasting time in identifying the impact
area they will go with full regression.

4 :: how to decide defect severity & priority?

severity: how it is impact on the application
and how is it effecting the functionality
priority: how it is impotence on the application
and how early it should be fix.

severity decided by the functionality and
priority decided by the client.

5 :: Do you know how many levels of regression testing is available in our testing process?

There are 3 type of R.T
1. Unit R.T
2. Regional R.T
3. Full R.T.

In unit R.T test only the unit i.e have confindence that it
not break other area of the module in that case testing
particular unit called Unit R.T
Reginonal R.T. after fixing bug retest the fixed area &
impact area which ll break the other area identify impact
area and test or do regressiong testing on those area this
is most widly used in company
Full R.T. in this case after fixing bug the chages
affecting whole module that case insted of checkig impact
area do full regression testig

6 :: Differentiate defect age & build version control?

defectage: The time gap between defect reporting and
resolving the defect.
builtversioncontrol: The development is assainging a
unique version number to every modified build.

7 :: What will you do when your reported defect rejected?

if my defect report is rejected by defect tracking tean
then i will explain about that defect's seviority and
priority with test lead and if they convience me with their
explanation (regarding no need of insertion of that bug)
then i will do my remaining testing otherwise i will
convienece them with respective user problem.

8 :: How to know whether your reported defect rejected?

Every organization will maintain their own tool for the
defect posting,So this tool can be assceble for the dev's
and the testers.So if developer wants to reject the
reported bug then he changes the bug status from open to
Rejected.If tester agree for that rejected bug he changes
the status from rejected to closed.if he not accepted he
will communicate with the developer or team lead.

9 :: How to report defects in your company?

We reports our defects to our defect tracking team via test