QuickTest Professional (QTP) Interview Preparation Guide
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QTP Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that QuickTest Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool created by the HP subsidiary Mercury Interactive that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based and desktop computer application. So learn QTP or get preparation for the job of QTP by the help of this QuickTest Professional (QTP) Interview Questions with Answers guide

115 QTP Questions and Answers:

2 :: What is QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

QuickTest is a graphical interface record-playback automation tool. It is able to work with any web, java or windows client application. Quick Test enables you to test standard web objects and ActiveX controls. In addition to these environments, QuickTest Professional also enables you to test Java applets and applications and multimedia objects on Applications as well as standard Windows applications, Visual Basic 6 applications and .NET framework applications...
QTP is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool. QTP stands for Quality Test Professional.

Mercury QuickTest Professional: provides the industry's best solution for functional test and regression test automation - addressing every major software application and environment. This next-generation automated testing solution deploys the concept of Keyword-driven testing to radically simplify test creation and maintenance. Unique to QuickTest Professional’s Keyword-driven approach, test automation experts have full access to the underlying test and object properties, via an integrated scripting and debugging environment that is round-trip synchronized with the Keyword View.

3 :: What is the basic concept of QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

QTP is based on two concept-
► Recording
► Playback

4 :: How to insert a check point to a image to check enable property in QTP?

AS you are saying that the all images are as push button than you can check the property enabled or disabled. If you are not able to find that property than go to object repository for that objecct and click on add remove to add the available properties to that object. Let me know if that works. And if you take it as image than you need to check visible or invisible property tht also might help you are there are no enable or disable properties for the image object.

5 :: How to open a new test using QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

1. If QuickTest is not currently open, choose Start > Programs > QuickTest Professional > QuickTest Professional. If the Welcome window opens, click Blank Test. Otherwise, choose File > New, or click the New button. A blank test opens.
2. . If QuickTest is already open, check which add-ins are loaded by selecting Help > About QuickTest Professional. If the Web Add-in is not loaded, you must exit and restart QuickTest. When the Add-in Manager opens, select the Web Add-in, and clear all other add-ins. Choose File > New, or click the New button. A blank test opens.

6 :: How many types of Parameters are available in QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

QTP provides three types of Parameter-
► Method Argument
► Data Driven
► Dynamic

7 :: How many types of recording facility are available in QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

QTP provides three types of recording methods-
► Context Recording (Normal)
► Analog Recording
► Low Level Recording

8 :: How to Start recording using QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

Choose Test > Record or click the Record button.
When the Record and Run Settings dialog box opens to do this;
1. In the Web tab, select Open the following browser when a record or run session begins.
2. In the Windows Applications tab, confirm that Record and run on these applications (opened on session start) is selected, and that there are no applications listed.

9 :: How to do Laod testing for web based Application?

1. Recording a scenerio in QTP of my web based application.
2. Make 100 copies of that scenerio and run the test (scenerio run for 100 times)
3. In that case, do the load of application on server.
4. The basic logic of running the copy 100 times is to create same scenerio as if 100 users were working.

10 :: How to Save your test using QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

Select File > Save or click the Save button. The Save dialog box opens to the Tests folder.
Create a folder which you want to save to, select it, and click Open.
Type your test name in the File name field.
Confirm that Save Active Screen files is selected.
Click Save. Your test name is displayed in the title bar of the main QuickTest window.