Fashion Model Interview Preparation Guide
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Fashion Model job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn Fashion Model and get preparation for the new job

74 Fashion Model Questions and Answers:

1 :: What does it take to become a model?

Models are scouted because they are unusually tall as well as being slim, and physically fit. You have to be fit and healthy to sustain a career in modelling.

2 :: Why is the choice of model agency so important?

Models work very closely with their booking agents and often develop a close professional relationship. In a recent AMA survey, UK models represented by an AMA member agency strongly agreed that their booking agents treated them in a respectful and professional manner, with an average rating of 45 out of 50.

3 :: How do models stay healthy?

Models often have very tiring schedules and they need to take of themselves in order to keep up. Models need to take responsibility for their own health and fitness while being supported by the agency who represent them to do this.

4 :: Does it cost a lot of money to be a model?

As a model you are self-employed. You need your 'tools of the trade': photographs, index cards, a portfolio, representation on an agency's website etc. If you are not living at home you will need rent for accommodation and money for living expenses and travelling around. A good agent who believes in you may advance some of these expenses and reclaim them over time from what you earn.

5 :: Can you be a successful model outside?

There are a few good agents outside. If you join one of them then, once you get going, there is a possibility they may wish to place you with a agency.

6 :: Do you have to be tall to be a fashion model?

Yes, If you see someone advertising for models and saying height is not important, don't believe it: they are probably only after your money.

7 :: Do models get to travel a lot?

Yes. Some assignments are shot on location abroad. Also your UK agent will place you with agents in other capitals, eg Paris, Milan and New York. A spell with one of these can do wonders for your portfolio.

8 :: Is there much work around for male models?

Male modelling has changed over the years. Now men are models in their own right rather than just being extras. But it can be harder for the guys - not so many really hit the big time.

9 :: Can you model bits of yourself - just your face, or your legs?

Not really. All models are supposed to be beautiful and have nice legs! The only specialists are the hand artists - men or women who have beautiful, flawless hands. Sometimes the model's hands you see in the shoot are not the model's own!

10 :: Could I be a model?

Yes, many young people can model if they have the right agency working for you and guiding you. With your parents (if applicable), approach trusted and representable modelling agencies to ensure that everything is right. Ask to see samples work such as ads and prints. Also ask to see sample of portfolio to ensure if they are from a trusted photographer.