Children's Nanny Interview Preparation Guide
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Children’s activities job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn nannies activities and get preparation for the new job

39 Children Nanny Questions and Answers:

1 :: Who is nanny?

Nanny is an individual person who provides care for one or more children in a family as a service.

2 :: Tell us about your personal lifestyle?

I am a 26 year old with a Nanny basic skills certification acquired in the year 2000. Since my graduation, I have worked for 2 children care organizations and a home in Minnesota. During my working stints, I have helped bring up children in a respectable manner while teaching them basic life skills. Other than that, I am looking to improve my scope by working as a nanny in a wonderful organization such as yours.

3 :: Tell me for how long did you stay in your last job as nanny?

I joined Mrs. Smiths house in the summer of 2008 and attended to several duties such as taking care of the children laundry, cleaning the kid's rooms, helping with homework, taking children to school in the morning and then picking them in the evening.

4 :: Tell me why you leave your previous job at the Smith's?

Ever since I joined the family, we had a great relationship with everyone, especially the kids who saw me as their big sister. Three of the kids moved to high school after 2 years, leaving me with the youngest daughter. When Joan, the youngest of the kids finally went to high school early this year, the family asked me to choose whether to stay on for some minor jobs there or look for another nanny's job. I chose the latter.

5 :: We do some background check here. Are you surely comfortable with that?

I am trying to be as straightforward as possible with who I am and what I say. My past is untainted as much as I know, and you would be welcome to confirm my suitability for this position through the check.

6 :: Tell me have you ever been in a state where you were forced to resign?

Yes, I was had to resign my first nanny job. The reason I left job is that the organization was relocating to a neighboring state, and I would not go with them. They had insisted that they would cater for all the paperwork, but since my mother was ailing, it was better I stayed behind.

7 :: I see you stayed for only 3 months on your second job as nanny. Why was this?

Sure, that was a short stint as a nanny with a non-governmental organization. The company had just set base in our town and advertised for a temporary nanny post. Since I was qualified for the post, I was selected and was taken for a contractual period. I was still waiting for contract renewal when the offer for the next job came.

8 :: Tell me the worst employer you have dealt with before?

As you know, people have different personalities, and I have had the privilege to deal with several of these. I have learnt a lot about job expectations and management skills from all my former employers.

9 :: Are you ready for a drug-screening test before taking up this job?

I know the gravity of substance abuse and understand your concern. I have no objections to such a test.

10 :: Tell me what makes you different from other applicants for this nanny position?

I believe from the other candidates, I am the most suitable person. My passion for children affairs is evident from all my past jobs. I am also continually improving myself in this area, for example, I recently enrolled for a diploma.