Call Center Interview Preparation Guide
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Call Center Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that A call centre or call center is a centralised office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. A call centre is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Get preparation for the job of Call Center by this Call Center Interview Questions with Answers guide

25 Call Center Questions and Answers:

1 :: Will you be comfortable working in different shifts?

Yes, I can. I might have difficulties at the beginning, but I am sure that my body will easily adjust to working at odd hours. Staying up throughout the nights is not a problem for me.” You can take this as an opportunity to talk about how well suited for the job you are by saying things like—
► I am enthusiastic and energetic about my work.
► I am very proficient and hard working.
► I can work efficiently and with the same amount of zeal and energy at any time in the day.
► I can strive hard to achieve my goals and at the same time manage other aspects of the job.

One thing to keep in mind while praising yourself is to avoid the use of superlatives like ‘extremely’ hardworking, the ‘best’ at xyz, the ‘most’ efficient etcetra. Selling yourself is good, but the subtler the trumpeting, the better it is.

2 :: Are you confident of your communicative skills in convincing people?

Point number one—please do not answer in negative to this question—even if you are an absolute failure at convincing people to do anything. The answer has to be—”Yes, I think I can easily convince people.” Then tell them how you convince people. Reading up on this aspect will help not only frame a good response to this question, but will also help you in doing your job better.

3 :: Which one do you think web or voice suits your qualifications better?

If you are inclined towards one aspect, either web or voice, then there is no harm in telling your employer about your preference. They generally have enough vacancies in both and will hire you if you are good, irrespective of what you say here. Just make sure that you have a good reason for choosing one over the other.

4 :: What does a call center mean to you?

This seemingly harmless question is a way for your prospective employer to gauge how serious you are, and what your commitment to the job will be. This standard question should be replied to earnestly, and it's important not to give the impression that you are planning to leave as soon as a better opportunity comes along. Interviewers are usually looking for employees that will stay with the company for a long time and make a career out of their job.

5 :: What do you consider to be the important of teamwork?

Employers tend to prefer people who like to work in a team. Loners have a lower chance of being hired. Be sure to let your interviewers know that you can work in a team without becoming stressed or hostile. Management books about the value of teamwork can help you find the words you need to express the value of teamwork in the workplace.

6 :: What is the procedure of Recruting done by BPO and what is the basic salary paid to the fresher ?

There is no such procedure for the recruitment in BPO generally all the BPO take the walk in interview. As far as the salary concern, ther is no such parameters for salary generally they provide between 7000 INR to 12000 INR this will be depend upon your capability.

7 :: Describe red color to a Blind Person?

I will keep the Blind person face under the sun rays by this the color of red he can imagine.

8 :: What is your achievement?

I am hear that is my achievement.

9 :: Who is your Role model?

My father is my role model. he is the person who has done a lot to make my life comfortable . he belives that destiny is in our hands . He says that success is not a chance happenings and to succeed is a decision that we have to make.
He impresses me in dealing with people and day to day problems. He liked by most because his honesty is transparent .

10 :: What is B.P.O ?

B.P.O. Means Business Process Outsourcing which deals with CRM ( Customer relationship management.). IN the BPO call are made & receive. It can be inbound or outbound. it is just like a help-desk where customer query are solve. It is basically link between the customer & its company..Main motive is customer satisfaction.

11 :: What does Customer Satisfaction mean to you?

Customer Satisfaction mean,dealing with customer in a proper or positive way.Every individuals are different so there need and satisfactory leave also different.So the main task of a employee of a call center is to make them understand that they are also concerned about their problem.

12 :: What is the difference between BPO and CALL CENTRE?

A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization is responsible for performing a process or a part of a process of another business organization; outsourcing is done to save on costs or gain in productivity.

13 :: What are the points includes in the question Tell me something about you?

First tell your name,Family background,Educational Qualification,your skill & more important the experiance which is related to job.

14 :: What is Inbound and Outbound ?

In inbound process we just satisfy the customer and solve the problem related to our company And in out bound process we just call the customer and selling the company products

15 :: How to impress the customer?

Make them satisfied.. make sure you helped them with all your best.. you should put yourself in there situation so that you know how they feel especially if they are irate.If they are not satisfied with your service that wouldmake them irate/mad(most of them)

16 :: What is Smart Work and Hard Work ?

We can define smart work as a Work which can be done on right way and on right path. A work in which we put our effort in such a way so that we can be certain about good results. Inhard work we work but without any direction, so in this way results or success becomes unsure.

17 :: Why you left the last job ?

No need to give exact reason because it can be personal also
so simply follow the basic steps like:-
A]no cab facility, office was very far.
B]people in office was not good.{personal}
C]no increment chances.
D]totally zero percent respect for candidates.

18 :: What is Call Center?

A call center is a centralized office of a company that answers incoming calls or makes outgoing calls to the customers. They can handle considerable volume of calls at the same time and can also log calls. using a variety of technologies including computer automation, call centers connect the customer and the organization to meet the customer needs in real time.

19 :: Problem and Consequences of BPO?

Various surveys and research conducted amongst the call center employees have shown that depression is the most common problem faced by BPO employees. Frequent headaches, feeling of fatigue, sleeping disorders and frustration have become regular problems for them.

20 :: Return and back both have the same meaning. Can we use the word ?returned back?

Yes both words have same meaning but these words use according to sentence nature.