Architecture Design Interview Preparation Guide
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Architecture Design frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Architecture Design. These interview questions and answers on Architecture Design will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Architecture Design job interview

10 Architecture Design Questions and Answers:

1 :: How much steel is required for 1100 sqft of slab (area 25*43 ) & we need to construct 3 floor?

minimum 3 kg per sq feet is required for const of 3 store building including beam .

2 :: What is the bills receivables & bills payable?

bills receivables are bills you receive

bills payable are the bills you pay

3 :: give material requisition for 6x3x1 Mcube machine foundation?

considering m/c load + vibrations & other load and standerd
mix ...

4 :: If we remove the hd of a pc wether it will run or not? If yes how or if no why?

Well that depends on a lot of variables. One is temperature.
As you know, temp is variable with location and the time of
year. Therefore it is importance that you pick the location
and it variables. Also some of the physical may alter the
results. In particular Astronomical Unit 1.496 x 1011 meters
the Atomic Mass Constant 1.6605386x10-27 kg, mass of the
proton 1.67262171x10-27 kg, mass of the neutron
1.67492728x10-27 kg and mass of the electron 9.1093826x10-
31 kg. All these taken together along with the speed of
light 9.4605x1015 m and the parsec value 3.0857x1016 m
will determine the answer to your question.

5 :: How to construct Pile foundation?

first provide hole for suitable type of diameter for pile.....
then concrete mixed and through it.........

6 :: Assume a building having three floor and a lift,
the lift has the following buttons:

a. G (for ground floor)
b. 1 (for first floor)
c. 2 (for the second floor)
d. 3 (for the 3rd floor)
e. Stop (Stop button to stop the lift in emergency)

Assume currently the lift is in the ground floor; write an algorithm for the lift to work.

7 :: How to plot diagram drawn in Autocad?

For plotting a drawing first of all draw the drawing then
step i : Main menu Plot
step 2: Plot properties dailog box appears
step 3 : select the Print device from the drop down list
step 4: select the size of the paper and orientation of
drawing from the paper size options
step 5 : select the scale of plot for example for 1 : 100
scale take 0.01
then seclect the object to plot
check center option for plotting
preview your print
then print

8 :: What is length of IRON PILLAR at MEHRAULI?

Firstly the question is wrong, because the pillar has a
cylindrical shape. And cylinder has only height and radius.
So if we answer the question according to geometry, the
length of Pillar is 0(zero)inch.
And the height of pillar is 23 feet and 8 inches, and
weight= 6 tonnes.

9 :: What is famous awards for architecture?

IAD Awards "Excellence in Interiors & Architecture Designs"

10 :: What is the difference between (with what type of material they are made of)RAM cells and Cache memory cells?

RAM Cells are constructed with capacitors and they need
refreshing on the other hand cache cells are made of FLIP
Flops which do not require any refreshing.