Corporate Sales Officer Interview Preparation Guide
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Corporate Sales Officer Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Corporate Sales Officer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

26 Corporate Sales Officer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain Sales planning?

Sales planning involves strategy, setting profit-based sales targets, quotas, sales forecasting, demand management and the writing and execution of a sales plan.
A sales plan is a strategic document that outlines the business targets, resources and sales activities.

2 :: What are the Important Sales Skills?

Not everyone can handle sales. You need to have the right attitude and abilities. At your job interview, the interviewer will be looking for your sales skills, and the aspects of the process that help close deals. An example of a good answer includes "The ability to recognize both verbal and non-verbal cues to adapt the sales strategies you implement to impress the prospective buyer."

3 :: What is Sales management?

Sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm's sales operations. It is an important business function as net sales through the sale of products and services and resulting profit drive most commercial business. These are also typically the goals and performance indicators of sales management.

4 :: Are You felling uncomfortable making cold calls?

Any interview questions about your discomfort in sales should always be responded to with a "no" without any elaboration. If you are uncomfortable, reevaluate whether the position is right for you.

5 :: How you move on from a rejection?

Rejections are common within sales jobs, and one of the primary reasons that most personalities could not handle sales roles. Try to downplay how hard you take rejections, but feel free and be honest about a technique you use to handle rejection or answer with something like, "I simply move on to the next prospect, because a rejection is simply a sign that the individual was not yet ready for our solution."

6 :: What don't you like about sales?

Any time you are asked to provide a negative trait about the position you are applying for, you should tread carefully. An example of an answer that effectively resolves the question is, "Walking away from a sale when I know the prospect could benefit from our solution." This answer shows you know that there are times where you need to walk away and show that you understand that sales is about solutions.

7 :: What do you see in the key skills?

Common sales interview questions and answers revolve around how you view the skills involved in a specific sales technique or aspect of the sales process. For example, "What do you see are the key skills in closing a sale?" Answers to these types of questions should always focus on responding to the buyer's concerns and on how the product or service will benefit the recipient.

8 :: Do you know what is cold calling dead?

Some interviewees may get defensive, or think this is a trick question. The answer, of course, is no. When all else fails (market conditions, marketing leads, etc.), picking up the phone is the one thing sales reps will always be able to control. But how they cold call - who they call, with what message and offer, at what frequency and cadence - is extremely important. Cold calling must be customer-centric and value-driven to succeed in today's buyer-centric world.

9 :: What image do you have about our company?

Should have done a thorough job of research or your industry and company.

10 :: What kind of goals motivate you?

Should be enthusiastic about setting goals.

11 :: What compensation are you seeking?

Should be comfortable with a large share of compensation at risk (at least 50 per cent).

12 :: What is your sales process?

Look for logical steps including building a relationship and asking about the prospect's needs as the first two steps
► Average number of contacts should be 12
► Ask for the different types of contacts they make to qualified prospects.

13 :: How do you handle price objections?

Describe selling on value, not on price.

14 :: How to handle rejection?

Losing a sale, or failing at landing one, is disappointing. But if you want to succeed in this business, you can't take it personally. I work hard to learn from rejection and continuously improve my sales techniques.

15 :: What motivates you costantly?

I am constantly motivated by the challenge of the sale. The success of landing a new client is a thrill, and building a well-thought out pitch that will explain the product is very satisfying.

16 :: Sales Officer general pre-sales interview questions:

► Can I put a password on Inventoria?
► Can I sync data between Express Accounts, Express Invoice, Copper and Inventoria?
► Can multiple users access the same inventory from different locations?
► Where can I find the program's version number?
► Where can I find version and release date information?
► Why is the email address grayed out when you go to change it in options ?
► Will Inventoria work on 64 bit computers?

17 :: Sales Officer purchase and sales related interview questions:

► How do I purchase Inventoria Stock Manager?
► How much does Inventoria Stock Manager cost?
► Are volume discounts available for software purchases?
► More pricing, sales and purchase related questions?

18 :: Sales Officer common sales interview questions part 1:

► Sell me this pen?
► How do you handle objections?
► How do you handle rejection?
► What do you consider the most important skills in sales?
► What do you dislike about sales?
► Is there any aspect of the sales process that you are particularly uncomfortable with?
► How comfortable are you making phone calls?
► Is there anyone you struggle to sell to?

19 :: Sales Officer common sales interview questions part 2:

► What are some examples of your sales experience?
► Describe the most difficult sales call you have made?
► Describe what your sales cycle was like in your last job?
► How often did you achieve your sales objectives?
► Describe a time that you had to change your sales approach.
► How do you handle the negotiation phase?
► When do you decide that it is time to let a potential client go?

20 :: Sales Officer common sales interview questions part 3:

► How do you handle objections?
► How do you handle rejection?
► What do you consider the most important skills in sales?
► What do you dislike about sales?
► Is there any aspect of the sales process that you are particularly uncomfortable with?
► Sell me this Object?
► How comfortable are you making phone calls?
► Is there anyone you struggle to sell to?