3D Modeling Interview Preparation Guide
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3D Modeling related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as 3D Modeling. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

60 3D Modeling Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell Me What’s Something That You Can Teach Me?

This can set an interviewee off their footing a bit, but in a good way. Ask questions that indicate your lack of understanding and really press for details in the explanation. As you do, does your job candidate seem to fight back frustration and impatience–in their facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice? Or do they ask more questions in order to gather information about what it is you don’t get?

Are they able to explain the idea simply and rework their approach to clarifying things when it becomes clear you’re still confused? A highly emotionally intelligent candidate naturally assumes responsibility for getting their ideas across. The opportunity to share their knowledge and teach others is exciting, not stress inducing, and takes communication skills that this type of person loves to hone.

2 :: Do you know what is Autocad?

Autocad is a software program built to design and shape the 2-D and 3-D images. It provides the tools by which a detail design of the product can be done. It also has the option to create detailed design layout, which can be automatically drawn by using source model.

3 :: Explain me what are the benefits of using Autocad?

Autocad has replaced the traditional method of drafting and designing which was made by pencil, drafting boards, triangles and compass with just a set of a computer program. The benefits are immense like:

☛ Saves time and helps to increase the productivity
☛ It helps to streamline your design and documentation workflow
☛ Physical ‘3D’ prototype of the design can be quickly created by using Autocad
☛ 3D models can be directly imported into Autocad by using application like SolidWorks
☛ Tedious work of drafting can be done easily and you can design and re-design the product in short span of time.

4 :: Tell me how you can hide the specific layers when plotting in Autocad?

To hide the specific layers while plotting, you can use various options like turning off the layers for plotting , freezing the layers and turning off. Turning off for plotting will show the layers on the screen but won’t output on printing. The layers that are turned off will hide the layers and also it will not appear on the screen.

9 :: Tell me in what situation command prompt appears instead of a dialog boxes?

If a file command is imported from a script or AutoLISP/ ObjectARX/ ADSRX a command prompt appears instead of a dialog box.

10 :: Tell us why Autocad WS is more popular among mobile users?

Autocad WS provides many option for mobile application developer like edit, view and share. They can easily share the application wherever they go and can develop an application in a matter of time. The application can be downloaded and installed from anywhere in the world, ignoring the licensing problem. The users can save file in any format and can run the application on any platform with ease.

11 :: Tell me what Bothers You Most About Other People?

Instead of asking that outright, you might tell a quick anecdote about a family member or colleague who annoys you. Then ask if there’s anyone at the candidate’s last job who really bothered them and how they dealt with that.

Of course, a savvy candidate will focus on solutions–like how they’ve smoothed that relationship over–but it can still give you valuable insight into how they perceive other people. You’ll probably also learn something about how well they understand the effect of their behavior on others (and its limits).

16 :: Explain me About A Day When Everything Went Wrong?

Here, too, you can start out by giving them an example of one of your days from hell. It isn’t about feeding them a scenario you’re looking for your interviewee to spit back; you’re just modeling the type of situation you want to hear them reflect upon.

So don’t just ask them to describe a bad day; ask how they dealt with it. Does it seem that they dwelled on the problem or blamed others (even if they put it differently), or really looked for solutions? Listen for evidence of any surefire coping mechanisms. You want to hire someone who’s got the flexibility to deal with uncertain and unpredictable situations–a hallmark of emotional intelligence.

17 :: Tell us what is the process to draw a line more than one time and save it automatically?

When a need arises to draw a new line the process opens up a new file in a new session to write the file. Autocad allows saving multiple drawing for each session. The files are saved by using the file extension .dwg and it can be modified by using the browser.