3D Artist Interview Preparation Guide
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3D Artist related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as 3D Artist. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

34 3D Artist Questions and Answers:

1 :: Why do you want to work here as 3D Artist?

I would like to be a part of a company that is technologically driven and always looking towards the future. I would like to gain experience in an innovative business that has stayed ahead of the competition by foreseeing changes in the modern market.

2 :: Where do you see yourself five years from now as 3D Artist?

I envisage myself in an art director position working in a progressive company like this one. I hope I would have earned promotion by demonstrating myself to be asset to the company and proving I am worthy of such as position.

3 :: Do you know what is Graphic Interchange Format?

☛ - GIF is a format of bitmap image.
☛ - It supports maximum of 8 BPP.
☛ - It allows a single image to be referenced as a palette.
☛ - Each palette has up to 256 colors to choose from.
☛ - The RGB color space is about 24 bits.

4 :: What is Ambient occlusion?

☛ - Ambient Occlusion is related to bright the light to shine on specific surfaces.
☛ - AO is based on the environment of the surface.
☛ - The calculation is done by casting rays in each and every direction from the surface.
☛ - The brightness is increased on the surface by focusing the rays from the background.
☛ - Points with little geometry will appear light on the visible hemisphere.

5 :: Can you please explain the difference between Animation and Video?


☛ - Animation involves drawing of sketches of objects.
☛ - These objects are placed in various frames, so that it illustrates as if the objects are moving.
☛ - Animation is created by drawing series of illustrations in different angles.
☛ - Animation creation is difficult compared to creating a video.


☛ - Videos are made by using video cameras.
☛ - The real movements of objects are captured by shooting the videos.
☛ - Manual intervention is not necessary to shoot.

6 :: Explain me what is the file structure of GIF?

☛ - GIF file has fixed size graphical area.
☛ - It contains one or more images.
☛ - Every image can be animated by placing them in animation frames.
☛ - Every part of GIF file is a frame.
☛ - All such frames make the complete graphical area or logical screen.
☛ - Every file starts with a fixed length header.
☛ - Every logical area consists of an image, the extension block and the trailer that is referred as the last byte of the file.

7 :: What is about the Logical Screen Descriptor of GIF files?

Logical Screen Descriptor has the following information.

☛ - Logical Screen Width: The width of the image that represents in pixels
☛ - Logical Screen Height: The image height in pixels.
☛ - Packed Field: The element of the image for animation.
☛ - Background Color Index: A value that is pointing to a color in the Global Color Table.
☛ - Pixel Aspect Ratio: The approximate aspect ratio of the pixel in the GIF image

8 :: Explain me what are the benefits & limitations of GIF89a animations?

☛ - Transparency, Compression , Interlacing, various colors palettes are applied
☛ - No plug-ins or supported software required.
☛ - No web server or server side includes or PERL scripting is needed.
☛ - Provides reusable and repeatable animations.
☛ - No need to download the animation constantly by modem, as the whole animation is loaded only once.
☛ - The size of animated images is compact.

9 :: Tell me about your art work?

I gained an honor Bachelor Degree from Academy of Arts in Fine and Digital Arts Studies. I have 5 years experience working in graphic arts, with the last 2 years as lead multimedia designer residing over a team of 4 colleagues. My achievements have gained me several promotions from my first position as junior graphic designer.

10 :: What is your greatest weakness as 3D Artist?

My weakness used to be that I accepted too much work in an effort to please everybody. I soon discovered that I was loosing my focus and not performing, as I well as I should. I started schedule my projects on a timetable base and I did not accept more work than I could complete on time.

11 :: How would you deal with criticism at your job?

I find constructive criticism a way of objectively analyzing at my work. I try to look for the positive inside any criticism.

12 :: Basic 3D Artist Job Interview Questions:

☛ What do you understand by Interlacing?
☛ What is a Logical Screen Descriptor?
☛ What are block types & terminators?
☛ How graphic color extension affects the next image in a gif file?
☛ Explain LZW data compression. Name other compression technique that was earlier part of gif standard.
☛ Is it possible to store a gif image in database? Which data type would be suitable to store it?
☛ Write a simple html snippet to include a gif file in to the webpage.
☛ Suppose you are given with two 100KB files, one of them is a jpg image & other one is a still gif image. Out of the two which one will have better quality? Justify your answer.
☛ Is it possible that an animated gif also have sound?
☛ Pour some light over market condition of GIF image standard. Is it still used widely over the internet?

13 :: Professional 3D Artist Interview Questions:

☛ 1. What do you understand by animation?
☛ 2. Is there any difference between an animation & a video? Explain.
☛ 3. Give few examples of animation hardware & software.
☛ 4. What do you understand by a media authoring tool? Name few authoring tools for animations.
☛ 5. What is a twining animation?
☛ 6. What is rigging?
☛ 7. What is the number of the frames that must be shown per second to a human to cause an optical illusion of motion?
☛ 8. What do you understand by phenomenon of persistence of vision?
☛ 9. What is a motion picture? How is it different from animations?
☛ 10. Name few of the techniques used in the animation.
☛ 11. What is traditional animation? How in traditional animations sequence of the images is created?
☛ 12. What do you know about Rotoscoping?
☛ 13. Have you ever happened to come across Puppet Animation? What is it?
☛ 14. What is Stop Motion?
☛ 15. What do you mean by the plasticine animation?
☛ 16. What is the meaning of pixilation?
☛ 17. What is computer animation? Give pros & cons of computer animation.
☛ 18. What is the difference between traditional & computer animations?
☛ 19. Name few Hollywood movies that have used photo realistic animations.
☛ 20. Explain paint-on-glass technique of animation.
☛ 21. What is sand animation?
☛ 22. Name few of the animation tools that you have used.
☛ 23. Give minimum system requirement that a rich & modern animation would require.
☛ 24. How many ways there are to include an animation into a webpage?
☛ 25. How will you make a gif animation?
☛ 26. Is it possible to publish gif animations from adobe’s flash?
☛ 27. Why gif animations do looks so grainy?
☛ 28. How does a 3D movie works?
☛ 29. What is an Easter egg?
☛ 30. What is difference between raster & vector animations? Which one is better?

14 :: Fresh 3D Artist Job Interview Questions:

☛ What is FLV? For what purposes it is used?
☛ What does SWF stand for? How is it different from FLV?
☛ Out of FLV & SWF which one will you prefer to use when publishing an animation?
☛ How many frames there are in one second of animation?
☛ What are Flash Exploits? How can they harm your computer?
☛ What is the difference between flash player & flash projector?
☛ Name a program that can produce both 2D & 3D animations.
☛ What is ActionScript?
☛ What do you understand by shading?
☛ What is ambient occlusion map?
☛ What is the meaning of Texturing?
☛ How can lighting improve whole look & feel of an animation?
☛ When you should use Flash scenes instead Keyframes?
☛ What is rendering in context of computer animation?
☛ Is it necessary to draw background of the animation every time?
☛ What do you understand by Image Morphing?
☛ Is it possible to render 3D animations as 2D animations? If yes then how?
☛ Compare animation with animatronics.
☛ What do you understand by Squash & stretch in context of computer animation?
☛ What is the clay motion? Why it is so jerky?
☛ How are 3D snow & rain modeled in computer animations?
☛ Are clothing & hair on 3D models created individually?
☛ Have you ever heard technique called 2.5D animation? What is it?
☛ How animators sync their music with their animation?
☛ What are the standard units of measurement you use while doing animations?
☛ What is a wireframe animation? What is its significance?
☛ What is attraction in animation?
☛ What do you understand by CAD tools? For what purposes they are used?
☛ What is difference between autoCAD & other 3D programs?
☛ If an architect want to make a model of a building which tool he prefer to use?
☛ What is Adobe’s Dreamworks? How is it different from Dreaweaver?

15 :: Top 20 3D Artist Job Interview Questions:

☛ 1. What is full form of GIF? Name the organization behind its development.
☛ 2. What kind of image container is GIF? How is it different from other image containers?
☛ 3. What is an animation?
☛ 4. How many bits do a GIF image uses to store a pixel value?
☛ 5. Is GIF a good format for storing real life photographs?
☛ 6. Name the compression technique used by GIF image format. Is it lossless or lossy data compression?
☛ 7. What is the basic principle involved in gif animations?
☛ 8. Compare PNG with GIF.
☛ 9. Name few of the tools that can be used to create animated gif images.
☛ 10. How to optimize an animated gif?
☛ 11. What do you mean by Rigging? Is it possible to achieve rigging using gifs?
☛ 12. How to animate a text by fading it in & out?
☛ 13. What do you mean by ambient occlusion?
☛ 14. How to make an animated gif image’s background transparent?
☛ 15. What is e-GIF? How it is different from GIF?
☛ 16. What you understand by alternative GIFs?
☛ 17. What is XAML?
☛ 18. Explain file structure of GIF images.
☛ 19. Pour some light over Byte Ordering in Gif Images.
☛ 20. What is the purpose of Global Color Table?

16 :: Do you know the compression technique used by GIF image format?

GIF images use the following compression techniques:

☛ - Lossless Compression: Statistical redundancy is exploited for representing data in more concise manner.
☛ - Real-world data consists of statistical redundancy.
☛ - Lampel-Ziv Compression: One of the most popular algorithms.
☛ - Compression process is slow.
☛ - It implements table-based compression, in which the table entries are substituted to repeat the strings of data.
☛ - The table is encoded using Huffman encoding.

17 :: Tell me what is Simulation?

☛ - An imitation from real is known as simulation.
☛ - The participating systems may be abstract or physical.
☛ - A specific modeling can well be supported by simulation.
☛ - By simulation, acquiring and getting information is simple and quick.

18 :: Tell me what is the reason to use MGF file to convert imported images into bitmaps?

☛ - MGF file format retains all information about objects in the animation.
☛ - GIF contains only fixed images, and hence it is less flexible.
☛ - Place all editable files in a MGF file, before creating GIF files.

19 :: List your skills that would benefit this company as Artist?

In my previous job I replaced a lead designer who fell to manage a difficult art project. I pride myself in my ability to manage, focus and motivate staff. I set the staff goals and gave them a new focus and finished the project on time.

20 :: Tell me what are the alternatives to GIF?

PNG and MNG are the alternatives for GIF.

☛ - GIF images are limited to 256 colors.
☛ - PNG format supports palette-based images, Gray Scale images.
☛ - PNG also supports full color non palette based RGB images.
☛ - PNG format is suitable for transferring images on internet.
☛ - PNG is not for professional-quality print graphics.

☛ - MNG is closed to PNG format.
☛ - Better compression standard than GIF
☛ - Integration of PNG and JPEG based images.
☛ - Supports transparent JPEG images.