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Tell me what are the basis on which the best material for Sliding Contact Bearings manufacturing?


Some of the important properties to lookout for in the material for sliding contact bearings are as follows:
☛ > Compressive Strength: In order to prevent the permanent deformation and intrusion of the bearing the material selected should be possess a high compressive strength to bear the max bearing pressure.
☛ > Fatigue Strength: the material selected for the bearing should be able to withstand loads without any surface fatigue cracks getting created. This is only possible if the material has a high level of fatigue strength.
☛ > Comfortability: The material should be able to adjust or accommodate bearing inaccuracies and deflections without much wear and heating.
☛ > Embeddability: The material should allow the embedding of small particles without effecting the material of the journal.
☛ > Bondability: The bearings may be created by bringing together ( bonding ) multiple layers of the material. Due to the above reason the bondability of the material should be sufficiently high.
☛ > Thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance: Thermal conductivity is an essential property for bearing materials as it can help in quickly dissipating the generated heat. Also the material should have a level of corrosion resistance against the lubricant.

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