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In what area do you feel you need improvement?


A more subtle form of the "What are your 2 weakest areas?"
Option 1: Mention weaknesses that won't affect this position much. If its a position that involves constant change and challenge, then mention that "I get bored easily doing the same thing over." (if it's true of course). If it's an early start, mention that: "I have more energy earlier in the day, and tend to get tired in the early evening. This was a problem in a previous shift job."
Option 2: Talk about an area that you're currently working on, or have recently solved. "This position requires project management experience. I've recently taken a course on MS Project, and have just successfully delivered a freelance project where I project managed outsourced developers."
Option 3: Talk about weaknesses that they can already see on your CV, be the first to bring these up. If they bring them up, you'll likely be on the back foot and will lose the opportunity to stay on top of things during the interview: "Your role has staff management responsibilities, and as you can see from my Resume, I haven't yet had direct report responsibilities." Of course if you have vacation or part-time staff management experience, mention it here. Don't try excuse it or play it up, else you'll be seen as trying to compensate for a weakness. Remember: They invited you in for the interview despite this weakness, so if they weren't overly phased by it, you shouldn't be either.
Continuation: "After reading through my Resume, what do you see as my areas for future improvement?" You don't want to leave the interview room with the employer never giving you a chance to answer the REAL question behind this question.

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