Construction Safety Interview Preparation Guide
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Construction Safety related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Construction Safety. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

152 Construction Safety Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is injury?

It is defined as a harmful condition sustained by the body as a result of an accident.

2 :: Tell me what is safety program?

Safety program can be defined as five methods by which accident can be prevent easily they are engineering, education, enforcement, enthusiasm and example safety program are plain spoken and carry out certain legal steps. 11. What is attitude?

Attitude may be described as continuous behavior . if man’s behavior is good, then his action will be either correct or safe.

3 :: What is confined space?

An area which is small and enclosed or an area where one entry and exits or where a man cannot work comfortable in any location is caused confined space.

4 :: What is LEL?

The minimum concentration of vapour, gasses and dust in air below which propagation of flame does not occur on contact with a source of ignition is called LEL.

5 :: What is Crane?

A tall machine used for moving heavy objects by suspending them from a projecting arm with hook.

6 :: What are the duties of a supervisor?

He has to instruct this workers about the work methods and procedures. He has to maintain discipline among the workers He has to supply necessary materials He has to control quality and cost of the job He has to guide has workers in doing a job in the correct and safe way He has to supply suitable personal protective equipment to his workers He should conduct periodical safety meetings. He should conduct safety inspection of his working area He should know about the fire fight equipments He should know investigate the accident and find out the cause of accident

7 :: What are the precaution for “painting”?

☛ 1. All flammable material should be cleared from the work area
☛ 2. The required protective clothing and equipment must be worn
☛ 3. Cartridge respirators shall always be worn
☛ 4. Adequate ventilation is necessary
☛ 5. Adequate washing facilities must be readily available
☛ 6. Barrier cream should be applied to the skin

8 :: Explain me what precautions are need to avoid accident in manhandling?

☛ 1. Stand at safe distance from the load
☛ 2. Sharp edge and burns are removed before lifting a material.
☛ 3. PPE such as safety gloves and safety shoes are to be used.
☛ 4. If the weight is too heavy for one person to lift, then he has to seek the assistance.
☛ 5. The pathway is not blocked by obstacles while carrying the load.
☛ 6. The different actions, movements and forces necessary while carrying the load.
☛ 7. Modify the task by using hooks and crow bars.
☛ 8. Mechanical equipments like cranes shall be used.
☛ 9. Modify the objects
☛ 10. Change the way things are used.

9 :: Tell me how to care and maintenance of hand tools?

☛ 1. Tools must be kept clean and free from corrosion
☛ 2. Keep metal parts lightly oiled
☛ 3. Remove burrs from edges of tools and heads of chisels.
☛ 4. Tools which are not in used must be stored separately
☛ 5. A good worker regularly inspects his tools
☛ 6. Do not use tools without handles

10 :: Explain how to erect scaffolding?

☛ 1. It should be erected on levels firm ground
☛ 2. It erected by trained / skilled person
☛ 3. It is constructed using metal pipes and wooden boards
☛ 4. It should be design and constructed from good and sound material
☛ 5. Not to be erected on loose earth
☛ 6. Clamps should fixed
☛ 7. Properly bracing
☛ 8. Sole plate is necessary the base of vertical pipe

11 :: How to handling of compressed gas cylinders?

☛ 1. They are not to be dragged or dropped
☛ 2. They should be stored in dry and well ventilated places
☛ 3. Chins and slings should not be used for lifting cylinders.
☛ 4. the caps of the cylinders should not be removed when they are not the use.
☛ 5. Cylinders should not be stored near hot sources
☛ 6. Acetylene cylinders should not be stored horizontally
☛ 7. Empty cylinders and fully cylinders should be stored separately
☛ 8. Leakage cylinders removed to open space and release the gas without getting ignited.

12 :: Explain me about grinding?

☛ Proper wheel shall be used a per the grinding M/c’s specification
☛ 2. All the grinding M/c’s shall be used with wheel guard
☛ 3. Grinding cables shall not mingle with welding cables
☛ 4. All the cables shall be protected from damage
☛ 5. Provide face shield with safety helmet
☛ 6. Never use fracture wheel
☛ 7. Excessive tighting of maintaining is dangerous
☛ 8. All guards should be in position before the machine operated
☛ 9. The speed of the grinding should match in the speeds of the grinding machines
☛ 10. Only skill person should be handle this work
☛ 11. Testing of wheel is necessary

13 :: Tell me what is accident investigation?

Accident investigation means to carried out immediately the occurrence of accident to find out real facts to avoid the future accident.

14 :: Explain me role of management in industrial safety?

☛ 1. A written safety policy be issued by the management’s towards men, material and machines.
☛ 2. The safety policy should bring out the management’s towards men, material machine.3
☛ 3. The safety policy should be circulated to top, middle and to workers
☛ 4. Management meeting should be in a position
☛ 5. Management should arrange for safety inspection ( once in 3 months ) and safety audit ( once in year) to be carried out.

15 :: Explain me causes of accidents?

Direct cause:
☛ Unsafe act
☛ unsafe condition.

Indirect Cause:
☛ Lack of knowledge or skill
☛ Improper attitude
☛ 3Physical or mental deficiency

16 :: Explain about precaution for burn person?

☛ 1. It fire catches a single person’s cloth; he should immediately roll on the floor.
☛ 2. No lotion of any kind should be applied on the burn area
☛ 3. In case of burns due to corrosive chemicals, the burn parts should be flooded with water
☛ 4. The burn area should be covered with dry sterile dressing
☛ 5. Physical shock of the person is treated by giving him weak tea or coffee
☛ 6. In major cases the patient should be sent to hospital as quickly as possible

17 :: What are the objectives of safety management?

☛ 1. Taking care of workers and staff in the event of an accident
☛ 2. Providing health full environment and surrounding
☛ 3. Welfare
☛ 4. Continuous vigil and improvement

18 :: Explain how to control risk?

The risk is control by following process they are eliminate, replace, reduce, control and PPE.

19 :: Explain me what general precautions are necessary while driving?

☛ 1. Follow all traffic rules, signs and signals
☛ 2. Do not exceed the speed limit
☛ 3. Take ten minute break after every 2 hours on long driving
☛ 4. Drive in correct gear
☛ 5. Keep both hand on steering wheel
☛ 6. Do not drive if you are not filling well or feting sleep
☛ 7. Slow down while passing junctions, corners, crowded places and parking

20 :: Tell me what the role of government in industrial safety?

The Govt. responsible for protection workers, consumers from dangers at work, on the road, in the air in the water, from air and water pollution etc.