Construction Labor Interview Preparation Guide
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Construction Labor related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Construction Labor. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

63 Construction Labor Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what is OSHA compliance?

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Act; its motive is to fulfill the health and safety requirement of employees and workers. It is a standard for health and safety that is followed by every industrial segment and corporate offices throughout U.S.A.

2 :: Tell me what is reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete have steels bars or mesh in them, which gives extra strength to the construction.

3 :: List out some of the checking’s, done at the completion of construction?

Some of the checking done on the exterior of the construction is

☛ Utility connections
☛ Drainage
☛ Retaining walls
☛ Compaction of fill material
☛ Caulking at opening
☛ Storm sewer system
☛ Safety provision ( terraces, porches, areaways)
☛ Accessory buildings
☛ Pavement edging
☛ Protection against moisture penetration
☛ Design of dwelling structure

4 :: Tell me what is progress payment?

It is a payment done by owner to the contractor; it is a difference between the completed work and material stored and a pre-determined schedule of values or unit costs.

5 :: Explain what is Architect-Prepared Contract?

Architect- Prepared Contract is an agreement prepared in-house by the architect between owner and architect, and often reviewed by an attorney, before its execution. It is a legal contract, and it includes all terms and conditions including adequate legal protection for both the parties.

6 :: Explain what things architect have to take care of before starting any project?

☛ Whether the owner has proper planning permission
☛ Whether the building has a certain listed grade approved
☛ Knowledge of building appliances and materials that includes the cost as well
☛ Need to take environmental factors into consideration

7 :: Tell me what are wooden shingles?

Wooden shingles are rectangular in shapes, and they are like slats or sheets that are nailed to the exterior surface. Shingling is a traditional weather proofing method for building.

8 :: Explain me what things you need to take care of before building a kitchen island?

Before you start building a kitchen island, you need to take care of

☛ Design the kitchen island according to the need- if it is only for cooking purpose then use less space, but if it is also for eating then design it accordingly
☛ List out what appliances you need for your kitchen island
☛ How high the counter should be
☛ How much storage space should you required
☛ Working sides surrounding the kitchen island should have 42 inches of space as a minimum around the kitchen island. Don’t plan Kitchen Island if it makes your kitchen more congested.

9 :: Explain me what is your greatest weakness?

I cannot refuse someone straightforwardly (This is a positive weakness – actually it will go in favor of you)

10 :: What are your salary expectations as Construction Labor?

I am willing to get my salary as per company’s policy

11 :: Tell me of a situation in which you had little or no direction. How did you deal with it?

Situations such as these arise often. Construction workers all have their own specialties and there are times when we do not get much direction. In a situation such as these, I make use of my own judgment as much as possible along with keeping in contact with customers to ask for periodic feedback.

12 :: Tell us what is the construction task that you feel you are best at?

I believe I am best at cement spreading. Being a perfectionist I do not stop until the assigned surface is consistent and smooth

13 :: Do you know what are the responsibilities of a construction manager?

The responsibilities of a construction manager are

☛ • Cost Estimates
☛ • Pre-purchase of selected materials
☛ • Selection of bidders for bidding phase
☛ • Analysis of proposals
☛ • Construction contract negotiations
☛ • Construction Scheduling and Monitoring
☛ • Cost control of construction
☛ • Construction supervision

14 :: List out some of the software used in the construction sector to estimate cost and monitoring expenses?

☛ Tally System
☛ Sage
☛ Maxwell System
☛ Premier construction software
☛ eTakeoff
☛ Construction partner, etc.

15 :: Explain different types of roof systems?

☛ Slate or Stone roofs
☛ Wood shingle roofs
☛ Metal roofing systems

16 :: Tell me what is zoning permit?

Zoning permit is a document issued by governing urban authority permitting land to be used for a particular purpose.

17 :: Tell me how you can turn off the display for dimension in CAD?

The display of your dimensions can be turned off in CAD for that you have to go under Floor Plan View and follow the following steps

☛ In floor plan active, select Tools – Display Options
☛ Scroll down to the dimensions- Automatic and Dimensions- Manual layers and remove the checkmarks from the Disp column
☛ When you click OK, the display of the dimensions in your plan will be turned off

18 :: Tell me what are the problems one might face while having a Cantilever balcony?

Cantilever balcony are usually unsupported and extend outwards, so the problem with Cantilever balconies are

☛ Excess deflection or bounce
☛ Weakness of the deck structure
☛ Rot and water damage to the interior of the house
☛ Unevenness inside the house
☛ Can’t use the balcony for gardening or other purposes as it is not designed to lift excess amount of weight

19 :: Tell us why should we hire you as Construction Labor?

I am physically fit and possess a high energy to perform manual work efficiently

20 :: Please explain how do you deal with situations where customers have problems with the quality of your work?

It is not always possible to satisfy everyone. However, it is our job to make sure that they are happy with what we do. If a customer has issues with the quality of my work, I confer with him to determine what went wrong and then take all measures to ensure I correct it.