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Role-specific Dance Artist Job Interview Questions:


☛ As a designer, whose work do you admire?
☛ What product would you like to design or redesign?
☛ What creative projects do you do on your own time?
☛ How do you keep up with the latest creative tools and technologies?
☛ What tools do you rely on in your day-to-day work?
☛ How influenced are you by current trends?
☛ How has your design direction contributed to solving a business problem?
☛ Let’s say you’ve started working on a high-profile brand. What do you do in the first week to learn about the brand?
☛ Describe one of the most challenging design projects you’ve ever worked on.
☛ Recall a time you took charge to turn a negative situation into a positive situation.
☛ What are some ways in which you have trained or mentored colleagues?
☛ Your project is delayed for reasons you can’t control. How do you update your colleagues and clients about the situation?
☛ Your most important client hates your work. What do you do?
☛ Describe a time you’ve reduced the scope of a project based on what your team could realistically accomplish.
☛ How do you keep your team motivated in the face of tight deadlines?
☛ Which of our clients are you most interested in working with? Why?
☛ Have you seen any of our creative materials? What are your impressions?

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