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33 Telecommunication General Questions and Answers:

1 :: What are the different types of GSM antenna?

ANDREW (65*, 90*)


2 :: Do you know Which type of connector we use at the end of GSM antenna?

7/8'"din male if feeder is 7/8,or 7/16'" if feeder is 1/2

3 :: Tell me Which type of connector we use in FIFA card?

1> TNC Male Connector is used in FIFA card.

2> SMB Connector is used in FIEA card.

3> RJ48c Connector is used in FIPA card.

4 :: Explain the configuration of 4+4+4?

in flexi in hardware one trx is two trx , means in one sector

2 trx (hardware device) in first sector.

2 trx (hardware device) in 2nd sector.

2 trx (hardware device) in 3rd sector.

total 6 trx (hardwar device)

5 :: What is the structure of entire GSM?

This diagram shows that the GSM system uses a single type of
radio channel. Each radio channel in the GSM system has a
frequency bandwidth of 200 kHz and a data transmission rate
of approximately 270 kbps. This example shows that each
radio communication channel is divided into 8 time slots (0
through 7). This diagram shows that a simultaneous two-way
voice communication session requires at least one radio
channel communicates from the base station to the mobile
station (called the forward channel) and one channel
communicates from the mobile station to the base station
(called the reverse channel). This example also shows that
some of the radio channel capacity is used to transfer voice
(traffic) information and some of the radio channel capacity
is used to transfer control messages.

Normal Burst Structures

This figure shows the field structures of the normal burst
used in the GSM system. This diagram shows that the field
structure is different for the normal burst, synchronization
burst, and the frequency correction bursts. The fields
transmitted during the normal burst include initial tail
bits (ramp-up time), training sequence, flag bits, user data
bits, final tail bits, and guard period. This diagram shows
that the first 3 bits of the time slot are dedicated to the
gradual increase of transmitter power level (ramp-up). For
the normal burst, this is followed by the information (user
data) bits. The flag bits indicate if the normal burst has
been replaced with FACCH signaling information. This diagram
shows that some of the bits in the center of the burst are
used as training bits (to allow equalizer training). At the
end of the transmitted burst there are tail bits (for error
protection) and 3 guard period bits that are used during the
gradual reduction of the RF transmitter signal (ramp-down).

Fast Associated Control Channel (FACCH) Signaling

This figure shows that GSM FACCH signaling replaces (steals)
speech frames and replaces them with control information.
This example shows the FACCH messages is divided and
transmitted over 8 sequential channel bursts and that the
speech information that would normally be transmitted is
discarded. When received, the FACCH message is reassembled
into its original message structure.

6 :: What is the function of TRAU?

TRAU Means the Transmission Rate Adaptation
Unit.Actually,it is a Transcoder unit(XCDR).it uses as an
interface B/W BSC & converts 16kbps data into 64
Kbps and vice versa.

7 :: Explain the full form of ARFCN?

Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number.

8 :: Tell me What will happen if we change the polarity of microwave antenna?

There will always 20db descriminationation between
vertically and horizontally polarised antennas

9 :: Explain How many types of Transmission cards are in Flexi BTS?

2. FC E1/T1 Card
3. FXC RRI Card
4. FXC E1/T1 Card
5. FXC E1 Card
6. Dummy Car
XC RRI,FXCE1/T1 two types of cards

1 RRI card,1 E1T1 card ,FIU card and TRX card depend upon
the configuration

10 :: Do you know How many types of Transmission cards are in Ultra BTS?


2. BB2F
3. Trx

11 :: Explain We use PSWB card in which case?

pwsb is known as power supply card and it is used for the power distribution to trx cards in case of ultra bts and dtrx cards in case of flexi bts

12 :: Tell me How many maximum slots we can use in ESMA card?

there are 6 slots in ESMA , we can use all of the 6 while connecting 6 dtrx in 4,4,4 mode but if we want to add sectors then we will require ESEA for this we need to vaccant one slot to connect ESMA to ESEA, but ESEA has 12 slots so total 12+5 slots can be used

14 :: What is the height of BTS?

generally height of an antenna is 45m to 70m accorading to
as par geographycal area is change from
area to area.........

15 :: Explain what is BTS? What are its different
configurations and what is the power consumption/peak current for each of these types of BTS?

BTS abbreviated for Base Transiever Station is a collection of transmission and reception card designed for routing of signals from end user to msc and vice versa.
There are many types of BTS depending on the manufacturing companies viz nokia,ericcsion, zte,huwai etc ...i've worked on a few so can tell u about them
in nokia there is practically 2,2,2/4,4,4/8,8,8 configuration but this may vary depending upon the traffic requirement of the circle. mostly composite configurations are used, like 2,3,3 or 2,2,4 etc.
these nos are nothing but no of trx cards in each sector , for example 2,2,2 is 2 trx cards in each of three sectors.
power consumption also is different for each type of BTS, for NOKIA's Flexi indoor BTS running on 222 config power requiremnt will be approx 48 watts per hour
typically on every BTS 48V is supplied with negative polarity.
feel free to mail me for any further doubts

16 :: Explain what is Blackberry? please make it clear for a layman?

Blackberry is a top most Brant & high speed internet using
cell phone on this cell phone available many more advanced
options so very comparable cell phone for every parson

17 :: Tell me Why the RSL of microwave link is in -ive?

Because it is very low value which have less loss of signal and less interfernce.

19 :: Tell me What is the total output power of an complete BTS, in dbm and watts?

43dbm/20Watt is the output power of one TRx.The total output power depends on the number of Trx.

20 :: Tell me BTS configuration 4+2+2?

as per the utilization of sector,we can configure the
sectors a,b,c like below combination...
if 1st sector utilization is high 4+2+2
if 2nd sector utilization is high 2+4+2
if 3rd sector utilization is high 2+2+4