Landscaper Interview Preparation Guide
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Landscaper related Frequently Asked Questions in various Landscaper job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

53 Landscaper Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me do you have any cutting experience?

As in grass yes I have some with a few lawn mowers but worst case scenario if I didn't I'm a fast learner and I'd pick up on it really fast and can adjust quick also.

2 :: Why do you feel that you can work well with us as Landscaper?

I believe that I have the creative vision, coupled with experience in landscaping and grounds maintenance, which you may not find in other contenders for this position.

3 :: Tell me could you work with little or no supervision?

Yes. I try to design the garden in my head and think on the finished product. To help with this I would look at other real world examples.

4 :: Explain have you ever planned and installed an artificial irrigation system?

Yes, several times. Almost all landscapes especially indoor ones require a special irrigation systems for maintenance and I am well versed in blueprinting and installing the same.

5 :: Tell me are you okay working in poor conditions, such as heavy rain or cold weather?

Yes, I've been working construction and roofing since I was 12 and we frequently worked through the rain. Not until there was lightening sighted did we stop working.

6 :: Tell me what experiences do you have in landscape architect?

Laying sod trimming planting spreading mulch pine straw weed eating mowing.

7 :: Tell me which correlating vehicles and machinery are you adept at using?

I am trained in the use of power mowers, tractors, twin-axel vehicles, snow blowers, chainsaws and electric clippers.

8 :: Tell me have you ever been late for work?

Not in the last 3 years of my work history, And prior to that my tardiness was due to car troubles or other minor causes.

9 :: Explain what was the toughest job you've done in the past?

Being an instructor therapist was a very difficult job. The field is quite unregulated so your boss could do whatever they wanted to you. You faced a lot of front line challenges from the clients and their families both mentally and physically as well.

10 :: Tell us what overall experience do you have?

Well I have expletive in tree trimming, trimming bushes planting flowers and putting soil planting grass I could use a variety of machines like lawn mowers blowers.

11 :: Tell me are you willing to work overtime for no overtime pay?

Well it depends if it's a job we needed to get finished and we didn't finish then yes I would stay after hours to finish the job.

12 :: Tell me which manual and electric landscaping tools are you familiar with?

I am apt at using square, round and trench shovels, spades, pickaxes, electric tampers and post-hole diggers.

13 :: Tell me why do you want to work for our landscaping team?

First of all I can see a big chances to develop and progress with You in this industry. I love fact that your approach in work is focused on detail and delivering best result to costumer.

14 :: Explain what do you dislike about landscaping?

I do not dislike anything I believe every job description has a place and reason for it.

15 :: Explain do you adapt well to your team?

I am a team player. I am capable of being flexible with people and their ideas. I also have great interpersonal skills which helps me get along with most people as well as a friendly personality with a positive attitude.

16 :: Tell me do you take criticism well?

Yes listen to it and turn it into a positive so you can improve for next time.

18 :: Tell us what are the main factors you consider while making your initial draft design?

Initial landscaping and plantation is much easier than the actual maintenance of the landscape. Before designing the practical issues are evaluated, air, moisture level, sunlight, earth cut and of course the client's design requirements are of primary importance that determine the type of landscaping which will be done.

19 :: Explain would your previous employer give you good reviews from your past work?

I will have to say yes. All my previous jobs the employer and management team enjoyed working with me. They would credit my work ethic and how well and efficient I perform.

20 :: Suppose If I ask you to do something in a way you are not used to, how would you handle this?

I would handle it well if I felt I could not perform the task on my own I would ask for assitance or to show me how to get the job task done properly.