Customer Support Representative Interview Preparation Guide
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Customer Support Representative related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Customer Support Representative. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

53 Customer Support Representative Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what qualifies you for this position as Customer Support Representative?

My verbal and written communication skills along with my friendly nature and inborn ability to convince others are my key assets. I also possess excellent telephone etiquette and a customer service-oriented mindset.

2 :: Tell me do you have any experience with customer billing and accounts system?

Yes I am familiar with electronic and manual billing systems and customer account software.

3 :: Tell me have you tried our product or service? What do you know about it?

What they're looking for: A candidate who has done their research.

How to answer: Know everything there is to know about the company's product offering. The steeper your learning curve with the organization's products and services, the less likely it is that the employer hires you. Show that you can step in and do a great job by trying the company's products and sharing your personal experiences.

4 :: Tell us what do you know about Call Center?

Call center is a service desk, where a large volume of calls are handled by the customer associate in order to render services to the client.

5 :: Do you know what are key attributes of a customer service representative?

The key features for customer service executive are-

☛ Professionalism
☛ Politeness
☛ Friendly
☛ Courteous
☛ Helpful

6 :: Tell us how you handle work-pressure?

To handle a pressure situation, I always try to keep the focus on work and avoid frustration.

7 :: Tell me how you rate yourself on communication skills?

Call centers always look for an employee with good communication skills, and you can rate yourself near 8-9 out of 10.

8 :: Tell me do you enjoy working in a team as Customer Support Representative?

Any work in an organization requires a team work. So, answer to this question should be always positive.

9 :: Tell me what do you think is a typical day in a customer service rep’s life?

Answering phone calls, resolving customer’s complaints, dealing with mismanaged payments, providing customers with relevant information and assisting them in decision making.

10 :: Explain how do you rate your communication skills?

My communication skills are definitely ten out of ten! I have always been able to interact with other people to easily deliver my point while understanding their needs.

11 :: Explain me five qualities that a good customer service representative must possess?

Empathy, respect, communication, convincing power and cultural sensitivity.

12 :: Tell us what you understand by the term “Customer Satisfaction”?

Any business depends upon the quality of the service offered to the customer. To do so, you need to understand the customer’s need and their problems. You have to think from their point of view and try to meet their demands and requirements. This is what “ Customer Satisfaction” is.

13 :: Tell me the types of customer service field?

☛ By phone
☛ Public relationship
☛ Face to face

14 :: Explain me what is the key to success in a call center?

A call center is all about providing quality service to customer. If you are good at handling customer well and offering a good service then you can be successful in call center.

15 :: Tell me what are the key features you think that customer associate should possess to become perfect customer associate?

Good listening skill, problem-solving, concentration, and patience are some key features that make a perfect customer associate.

16 :: What knowledge do you have about the company regarding Customer Support Representative?

You should do your research prior to the interview. Look into background history of the company, this will help you stick out. Learn about main people, have they been in the news lately? The interviewer doesn’t expect you to know dates and certain people, but showing that you have enough interest to research the company is a positive impression.

17 :: Tell me have you ever sold anything over the phone?

Of course! I have been highly commended by my previous employers for my telephonic sales skills. While at the Zeus Corporation, I developed a reference list of prospective potential clients and sold the newly launched package on phone by making calls and explaining the product details demonstrating excellent work ethic and remarkable persuasive skills and exceeding the sales target.

18 :: Suppose if a customer gets irritated and points out that your service is too slow, what do you do?

I will genuinely apologize and show a friendly attitude. Afterwards, I will elaborate the steps involved in the service to explain delay reason positively.

19 :: Please explain do you have any sales experience?

My job at my previous place of work was to up-sell the company’s products and I am proud to say that I managed my targets by a 100%!

20 :: Tell me example where a customer walked in angry and returned home happy?

While I was working at Fargo Wells, a customer became very angry since his credit card was not working. It was a data delay problem in the system and the customer’s frustration was genuine. I apologized for the embarrassment caused due to credit card malfunctioning and offered them a seat and a drink while I worked on the complain as quickly as possible. I kept up a light conversation with the customer and by the time he left, he was happy and satisfied by the service.