Chrome Frame Interview Preparation Guide
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Chrome Frame job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn Chrome Frame and get preparation for the new job

16 Chrome Frame Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Google Chrome Frame?

Google Chrome Frame is a plug-in designed for Internet Explorer based on the open-source Chromium project. It went stable in September 2010, on the first birthday of the project. In June 2013 Google announced they would retire Chrome Frame, and will cease support and updates for the product in January 2014.

2 :: How to install Google Chrome Frame?

You can install it by visiting

For deployments in an enterprise environments, administrators can skip to the enterprise deployment section.

3 :: Tell me which browsers and OSes does Google Chrome Frame support?

The Google Chrome Frame plug-in works in Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8 and 9.

It works on Windows XP SP2+, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

4 :: Explain does Google Chrome Frame handle the display of all websites when I install it?

No, only sites that explicitly opt-in to using it will take advantage of its capabilities.

5 :: Tell me if I install Google Chrome Frame will it break any websites I use?

No, Google Chrome Frame only kicks in when a website explicitly requests it. When visiting websites that aren’t Google Chrome Frame enabled, your browsing experience remains completely unchanged.

6 :: Explain do we need to do anything to keep Google Chrome Frame up to date?

No, Google Chrome Frame uses the Google Update system to automatically keep itself up to date and make sure you have the latest features and most stable software available.

7 :: Tell me how to get the Beta or Dev version?

Switching to the Beta or Dev version is easy. Just install from one of the following links:
For Beta, click
For Dev, click

You can install the above version fresh or you can install over your existing Google Chrome Frame installation.

8 :: Explain how to switch back to the Stable version if I have the Beta or Dev version installed?

First, you must uninstall your Beta or Dev version. Then you can reinstall the Stable version.

9 :: Can you please explain does Google Chrome Frame work on 64-bit IE?

Currently, 64-bit versions of IE are not supported. Estimates put the percentage of 64-bit IE users at less than one percent of all IE sessions. It's worth pointing out that 32-bit IE is the default on 64-bit Windows 7

10 :: How to uninstall Google Chrome Frame?

Users can use the standard Add or Remove Programs tool in the Windows Control Panel (called Programs and Features in Windows Vista and Windows 7) to uninstall Google Chrome Frame. Uninstalling does not affect the installed status of the Google Chrome browser.

11 :: Explain how to disable built-in Flash or PDF in Google Chrome Frame?

Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to the URL gcf:about:plugins. Find the built-in Flash or PDF plug-in and click Disable.

Enterprise administrators can also disable the plug-ins via Group Policy.

12 :: Tell me is Google Chrome Frame open-source?

Google Chrome Frame is built from open source code in the Chromium project just like Google Chrome.

13 :: Explain which document MIME types will Google Chrome Frame look in for the meta tag?

Google Chrome Frame looks only in documents with a text/html MIME type for the meta tag that causes it to activate. If you wish to activate Google Chrome Frame for other MIME types, use the X-UA-Compatible HTTP response header.

14 :: Explain Google Chrome Frame is installed but now Internet Explorer crashes. Can this be caused by other plug-ins I have installed?

Yes, it can. There are a few third-party plug-ins that are known to interact incorrectly with Google Chrome Frame and may cause crashes.

Plug-ins known to crash in this way include Askbar, mgToolbarIE, SweetIM Toolbar, gbieh.dll, and G-Buster Browser Defense and EMBASSY Trust Suite (wxvault.dll).

The workaround is to disable the plug-in using the Manage AddOn menu in Internet Explorer or to uninstall the crashing product .

15 :: Tell me does Google Chrome Frame autoupdate?

By default, yes. Google Chrome Frame uses the Google Update automatic updating system to automatically pull down and install all the latest security patches and fixes.

16 :: How do I know I am using Google Chrome Frame?

When browsing a web page, right-click anywhere within the page - except in areas of Web Access that override the default web browser right-click menu. When the right-click menu appears the last option will display About Google Chrome Frame... if it is in use on that page.