Camp Counselor Interview Preparation Guide
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Camp Counselor based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Camp Counselor. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

65 Camp Counselor Questions and Answers:

1 :: What makes you a good role model?

I am dependable, trustworthy, punctual, and a hard worker. I always strive to do the right thing and I put 100% of my effort into my task.

2 :: Describe yourself in 5 words or less?

Responsible, honest, motivated, organized and outgoing.

3 :: What experiences do you have with kids?

I have worked in several different places that involved working with children such as being an, Nanny, an day camp counselor, and a day care worker. At all of my previous jobs I took care of all of the children just like if they were my siblings, or my own. I am very diligent when it comes to children. I am sensitive but straightforward (to the Point) when it comes to both of their needs and wants, and I am an successful leader, and lastly most of the children I have worked with in the past confided in me, and looked up to me as an older brother.

4 :: When did you realize you wanted to be counselor?

When I started working at the camp as a volunteer, I knew I wanted to work my way up to eventually becoming a counselor.

5 :: How do you handle stressful situations as Camp Counselor?

Depends on the situation. with misbehaving kids resolve the issue quickly before it builds. if the whole group is hectic keep calm and maintain composure but still be fun and sensitive yet know when to have authority. if with parents talk with them and respect them.

6 :: Did you attend camp as a child?

Yes I attended camp every summer from a very young age and it have changed me so much into the person I am today.

7 :: Do you enjoy being active with the kids?

I love being active and I also love teaching kids how to do sports so in conclusion I would enjoy being active with kids.

8 :: How have you changed as a result of being a counselor?

I now am more patient, flexible, and am more confident in my leadership skills.

9 :: Why do you want to be a camp counselor?

I attended the camp as a child and really enjoyed it. The counselors made it a memorable experience for me and I want to be a part of making this years camp memorable for the participants.

10 :: How would you break up a fight among kids?

If it is physical, then I will try to break it up. If it is verbal, I would try and talk it out. In both cases though, I would talk to the manager or their parents.

11 :: What would you do if a parent was angry with the way you handled a situation with their child?

Sometimes you will run into issues with a parent or child. Show that you can deal with a problem effectively.

"It all comes down to communication. First, I would apologize. Next, I would explain to the parent why I chose to handle the situation the way I did. I would then ask them what I should've done differently and how they would like me to handle a similar situation in the future so that we can avoid any further conflict."

12 :: What do you think you will dislike the most about this job?

I will absolutely dislike nothing at all, because helping children is my passion, and that is what I live for, and that is what an summer camp counselor job most importantly consists of that is helping children.

13 :: What would you do if a parent was angry with you for the way you handled a situation with their child?

I would firstly not take it personally, and ask for their input in how to handle future situations in correlation with their parenting.

14 :: What hobbies or interests do you have that you think would be helpful in this position?

The interviewer wants to know if there are things you do in your personal life that could be applied to the position.

"I'm a lifeguard on the weekends and that got me comfortable being responsible for others. Also, I am part of a mentoring organization and meet with my mentee every week, which has helped me learn how to build strong one-on-one relationships. I believe getting to know each camper is beneficial because they will have more respect for you as well as feeling comfortable coming to you with an issue. Additionally, I have been a mentor for about three years now so I know how to stay committed to a job."

15 :: Can you keep personal electronics aside for the duration of the camp?

Yes of course, unless there is a situation where I will need to contact someone incase of an emergency.

16 :: How do you keep your kids under control?

I think of fun creative way to reward them. For example each week we could have a camper of the week for being the most obedient and respectful and whoever wins gets a prize or something.

17 :: What do you know about this camp?

Everything. I know the rules and procedures, I am familiar with the staff and even some campers, I know the area such as trails very well and I also know many of the activities and games that go on at camp.

18 :: What is the most difficult part of being a Camp Counselor for you?

Trying to ensure that all children have a say in the daily activities, and are having an authentic engaging learning experience.

19 :: Why did you choose to become a summer camp counselor?

Way back when I was a child I used to attend many summer camps. I'm an adventurous person and this profession has appealed me since then. I mean what can be better to get paid for something you really enjoy doing, like camping.

20 :: What experience do you have in leading others?

Work with Girls on the Run as an assistant coach and helping the children, work with special olympics coaching the athletes.