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What do you know about EXTJS ver.2.2?


- It is a framework.
- 100% client side implementation.
- It is used as a standardization of Java side implementation on client side.
- JS DOM and XML DOM are incorporated in EXT JS
- It is a part of Yahoo toolkit.
- It is used by other technologies apart from JAVA.
- ITs a widget which has its own lifetime so we can call but we can't control over the lifetime.

- It's a hierarchical if you hold the root tag you can traverse all the elements within it using getByElementId
- EXT.get('myElementId')
- 2 methods
- class method prefix the calling object with '.'
- Object method prefix the calling object with '#'
- Flyweight Design Pattern is a pattern which traverse the root object and collect all the wastes.
- SPECIFIC FLYWEIGHT when it is used for a single object.
- GLOBAL FLYWEIGHT when it is used for a multiple object.
- It reconstructs old object when it is required.
- 58 widgets are builtin out of which 36 are UI widgets.
- EXT.onReady is an eventhandler which is used to start the hierarchy of DOM structure.
- Node is a super object.

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