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Major Textile Industries in Pakistan!


A type of material composed of natural or synthetic fibers.

Types of textiles:

1) Animal-based material such as wool or silk,
2) Plant-based material such as linen and cotton,
3) Synthetic material such as polyester and rayon.

Major Textile Industries in Pakistan:

Textiles are often associated with the production of clothing.
Pakistan is a agriculture country, therefor a large number of textile industries are doing business here. Some of them are describe below.
1) Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited
2) Ahmed Hassan
3) Hussain Industries
4) Textile processing[edit]
5) Chenab Group
6) Textile spinning[edit]
7) JK Fibre Mills & Spinning Mills
8) Textile weaving[edit]
9) Gul Ahmed
10) Sitara group of industries

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Re: Major Textile Industries in Pakistan!


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