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26 Most Common Fire Safety Officer Interview Questions And Answers

Security :: Fire Safety Officer Job Interview Questions and Answers

Fire Safety Officer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Fire Safety Officer. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Do you know how many types of Fire extinguishers are available?
2 What is Flash Point?
3 Explain me how to Prevent Fire and Explosion from a workplace?
4 Tell me what is a hot work?
5 Please explain the steps in the use of a fire blanket on a flammable liquid fire?
6 Please tell me what is Safety?
7 Explain me what is carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers?
8 Please explain what is the precaution for gas cutting?
9 Tell me what Fire precautions should be taken around petrol-powered machines?
10 Suppose you have called out the city fire brigade to a fire at your plant. Explain vital pieces of information you should give to the officer in charge on his arrival?
11 Can you please explain general Rules For Using Portable Fire Extinguishers?
12 Tell us which are the primary occupancy classifications from NFPA 101?
13 What is Auto-ignition temperature?
14 Explain me how does a self closing Fire door function?
15 What is Fire point?
16 Do you know how many Classes of Fire?
17 Do you know which fire extinguisher should be used on a trash can full of paper ignited by a cigarette?
18 Explain me what are the precautions for welding?
19 Tell us why air convector heaters become a fire hazard if obstructed?
20 Tell me what precautions are necessary for electrical work?
21 Tell me what is halon Fire Extinguishers?
22 Tell me what are the Precaution for a person, in case of fire burn?
23 Suppose if cut off from means of escape from fire in a building, what things should you do and what should you not do?
24 Tell me by which heat may be transmitted and result in a spread of fire?
25 What is dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers?
26 Explain me an automatic sprinkler system triggered?

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2023-09-08 17:09:58

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