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Scope Of CA & ACCA In Pakistan:

Scope Of CA & ACCA In Pakistan:

If you want to know the scope of the CA & ACCA in Pakistan as these two degrees Chartered accountant (CA) and the association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA) are the two reasons for huge pay and salary and a successful life of few of the people in Pakistan. CA and ACCA are considered as the most significant qualification when it comes to accounts and finance, and in that perspective there is no other qualification which can match the competence level of this particular program. When it comes to Pakistan it is being observed that the companies are keen to hire the CA and ACCA qualified people for their accounts and finance department and are not taking the other candidates in the comparison with the CA and ACCA, so it is obvious that it is one of the highest paid and most desirable professional qualification in Pakistan.

CA and ACCA Comparison:

When we compare CA and ACCA with other relating qualifications which includes the BBA in Finance, MBA, B.COM and even BS in finance we will find that CA and ACCA are more preferred by the organizations as compared to the relating options. The tenure of CA and ACCA is being varied in between 3.5 years to 4 years including the CAT which in being taken as the initial part of the both CA and ACCA in Pakistan. CA is the only qualification which is being admired internationally and Pakistan is considered to have one of the best CA programs that’s why even in abroad CA’s are paid handsomely all over the globe.
Recession Time:

High Unemployment:

In the times of recession and high unemployment where companies are being shut down due to the power and energy crisis in Pakistan still it’s hard to find a CA or ACCA being unemployed this is the really scope in Pakistan as even the engineers and doctors are being threatened to lose their jobs but both the CA and ACCA assures high paid jobs in all the economic conditions of the state. The CA and ACCA graduates are being hired on high payment and lavish salaries by the organizations including all the sectors for example; textile, FMCG’s, banks, automobiles, telecom, and even educational institutions for the purpose of internal auditing and keeping up the financial records. The CA’s and ACCA’s are even hired with handsome salaries by the external firms which are offering the services of auditing to the organizations where these individuals are being sent to the various companies for their external audits. So of anybody says that CA or ACCA has no scope in Pakistan and has no future than the problem is in that person not in the CA and ACCA.

No doubt that CA and ACCA  are considered the most powerful degrees in Pakistan. So if you want to know about the Scope of  CA and ACCA in Pakistan.


So first of all we must have knowledge that what is meant by CA and ACCA, CA is the abbreviation of Charted Accountant and ACCA stand for Association of Charted Certified Accountants. The student of Business and Finance want to get CA and ACCA degree in Pakistan because of its scope in Jobs fields all over the World and especially in Pakistan. The person who get CA and ACCA degree get huge amount of salary in Pakistan that’s way it is the choice of intelligent and brave students. Yes CA and ACCA having a very tough syllabus and patron. So students must burnt the mid night oil for getting ACCA and CA degree.

CA and ACCA Scope:

When we talking about the scope of CA and  ACCA in Pakistan.
We must realize that these are the these are the most desirable Professional degrees in Pakistan. When we talk about the duration of both the courses including CAT which is not compulsory but considered as initial course before taking CA and ACCA in Pakistan. Keep in mind that CA is a Pakistan offered degree while the ACCA is a foreign course offered in Pakistan. The CA and ACCA degree holder scope  is not limited infect its scope  is spreading at least in every major field for example a CA and ACCA holder get easy and handsome salaried Job in; Textile industry,
Banking , Telecom, Insurance companies, and many other sectors for auditing their financial records. Is ACCA and CA holders are thousands in numbers in Pakistan? No! it is not true, even in the modern and advanced era now these days when we searched for ACCA and CA degree holders in Pakistan, we should hard to find few people having these International standard degree holding. This is also true that where there in Pakistan people are working hard for searching a handsome job in different sectors, even they having masters degrees, so that’s unemployment take place in the present time in Pakistan.
But even there are limited jobs in Pakistan even having big degrees and courses,  ACCA and CA students  have no problem about their jobs, they have full assurance about their jobs, that’s way ACCA and CA count the most powerful , they get huge salaried jobs in various sectors. Students of ACCA and CA get jobs even they are still doing their course, different popular companies offered them jobs during their course, which is very meaningful for a student’s future. It is the desire of every student that he may study well and get a handsome job relating his/her field, every student want to live standard life, so for a commerce student ACCA and CA is a very attractive choice.

Comment Tip:

ACCA normally takes 3 years. ACCA alone is not a better option for career in Accounting in Pakistan. However, it might be a better choice if you want to go to UK. FOr Pakistan, you need to have CA. You may complete CA after ACCA if you are interested in ACCA or directly can go for CA.

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Re: Scope Of CA & ACCA In Pakistan:


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