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Sequential Patterns:

Match the Following:
a) Sequential Pattern i) makes meaningful objects that have similar characteristic
b) Prediction ii) discover relationship of a particular item on other items
c) Clustering iii) discover similar patterns in data transaction
d) Association iv) discover relationship between dependent and independent variables

Option A):
A-iii, B- iv, C- i, D-ii
Option B):
A- i, B- ii, C- iii, D-iv
Option C):
A- iv, B- iii, C- ii, D-i
Option D):
A- ii, B- i, C- iv, D-iii

Correct Answer is Option A):
A-iii, B- iv, C- i, D-ii

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2015-05-27 09:19:49

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Re: Sequential Patterns:


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