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Hack Facebook Account by Tab Napping Method

How To Hack Facebook Via Tab Napping Method?

What Is Tab Napping:

Tab Napping is new hacking trick through which you can’t directly hack account and you will be using phishing method with tab napping then you can hack account. Actually Tab Napping is a script which you put into a site/blog and when the user visit your website/blog and read your article or play game or watch video, when user goto other tab in browser which contain other website like youtube,google etc and came back to your website then  your website will be redirected to the phishing page and telling them to login with facebook/gmail/yahoo account to continue.When user enter login information he/she will be back to your page and user password will be send to you.

Steps: 1)

First of all you have a web hosting (website) and if you don’t have your own website then create Free website with following website : Hostgator Bluehost JustHost or you can search on google and create an account.

Steps: 2)

Now download the script and phishing pages from here: 3) Extract it and you will see the files and folders like below:

Steps: 3)

Upload all the files and folders to your website. when you upload it’s look like.

Steps: 4)

The website contain a game and send your website address(your tab napping website where you upload all the files) to your friend or anyone else whose facebook account you want to hack and tell him/her that if your are intelligent or smart or say anything else then play this game and win it. The website look like this:
Actually the game is very dificult and he/she will not win in less time and  he/she will goto another tab in browser like facebook,google,youtube ,yahoo etc and when he/she came back to the website , it will be automatically redirected and saying them to login with facebook account to continue.

Steps: 5)

When your victim log in with facebook account then her/his password will saved in your website and he/she will be redirected to main game page. Now just open and you will see the email and passwords.

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2015-04-07 07:17:37

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Re: Hack Facebook Account by Tab Napping Method


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