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Biology and Its Branches


The science of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena, especially with reference to origin, growth, reproduction, structure, and behavior.
The word biology is derived from the greek words bios which meaning is life, And logos means is study. Therefor the defined as the science of life and living organisms. An organism is a living entity consisting of one cell e.g. bacteria, or several cells e.g. animals, plants and fungi.

Branches of Biology:

There are many branches of biology some from them are written below.
1) Biogeography,
2) Evolutionary biology,
3) Morphology,
4) Astrobiology,
5) Chronobiology,
6) Geobiology,
7) Bioengineering,
8) Molecular biology,
9) Biochemistry.

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Re: Biology and Its Branches


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