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Black Hat SEO Meta Keyword Stuffing Technique

Meta Keyword Stuffing Black Hat SEO Technique:

There are two Meta tags that are generally used to inform search engines of the content on the page. They reside between the <head> tag of a page and when used incorrectly they can alert a search engine that a site is using spam techniques in an attempt to improve its ranking.

Meta Description:

The meta description should be used to describe the content of your page honestly and concisely and be 1 or 2 sentences, 3 at most.
Here’s an example of the meta description being used in the correct manner,
<meta name=”description” content=”PushON are an Online Marketing agency providing a full range of digital marketing services throughout Greater Sydney and the North South Aus. If you need Search Engine marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay per Click (PPC), we can help you. Contact us now.” />

Meta Description Tag:

Here’s an example of the meta description tag being used incorrectly for a page promoting a restaurant called “GRT”,
<meta name=”description” content=”GRT restaurant website is the best GRT restaurant website, our restaurant is better than any restaurant,great restaurant,best food restaurant,visit our restaurant” />

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2015-02-05 10:48:13

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