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The substance of Sufism is the Truth and the meaning of Sufism is the selfless experiencing and actualization of the Truth.
Two origins of the word sufi have been suggested. Commonly, the lexical root of the word is traced to ṣafā (صَفا), which in Arabic means "purity", which in Arabic means "purity". Another origin is ṣūf (صُوف), "wool" in Arabic, referring to the simple cloaks the early Muslim ascetics wore. The two were combined by the Sufi al-Rudhabari who said, "The Sufi is the one who wears wool on top of purity.

Characteristics of A Sufi:

1)Seeking the pleasure of God,
2) Love and peace with one's self,
3) Harmony with all creations (mankind, animals, and nature),
4) To be dressed with the beautiful attributes of Prophets and Saints.

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