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Causes of Over loading In Web Server?

Web Server Causes Of Over loading:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Features Of A Good Web Server
What Is Search Engine?
WWW (World Wide Web)
Common features Of web Servers
1: Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
2: Too much legitimate web traffic.
3: Internet (network) slowdowns, so that client requests are served more slowly and the number of connections increases so much that server limits are reached;
4: Web servers (computers) partial unavailability. This can happen because of required or urgent maintenance or upgrade, hardware or software failures, back-end (e.g., database) failures, etc.; in these cases the remaining web servers get too much traffic and become overloaded.
5: Computer worms that sometimes cause abnormal traffic because of millions of infected computers (not coordinated among them);
6: XSS viruses can cause high traffic because of millions of infected browsers and/or web servers;
7: Internet bots Traffic not filtered/limited on large web sites with very few resources (bandwidth, etc.);

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2014-10-23 05:10:00

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Re: Causes of Over loading In Web Server?

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