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Features Of XSLT As a Language!

XSLT Language:

Read About ☛ Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations(XSLT):

As a language, XSLT is in some ways a rather curious beast. In this article, I won't try to give the rationale for the design decisions that were made, though they can all be traced quite logically to the requirements that the language designers identified.

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XSLT Key Features:

Some of the key features of the XSLT language are outlined below.
An XSLT style sheet is an XML document. The structure of the document is represented using the angle-bracket tag syntax of XML. At one level this syntax is rather clumsy, and the decision has the effect of making the language rather verbose. It does have benefits, however. It means that all the lexical apparatus of XML (for example Unicode character encoding and escaping, use of external entities, and so on) is available automatically. It means that it is easy to make an XSLT style sheet the input or output of a transformation, giving the language a reflexive capability. It also makes it easy to embed chunks of the desired XML output within the style sheet. In fact, many simple style sheets can be written essentially as a template for the desired output document, with occasional instructions embedded in the text to insert variable data from the input, or to compute a value. This makes XSLT, at this simple level, very similar to many existing proprietary HTML template languages.

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The basic processing paradigm is pattern matching. In this respect XSLT inherits -- from a long tradition of text-processing languages such as Perl -- a tradition that can be traced back to languages such as SNOBOL in the 1960s. An XSLT style sheet consists of a set of template rules, each of which takes the form "if this condition is encountered in the input, then generate the following output."

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The order of the rules is immaterial, and there is a conflict-resolution algorithm applied when several rules match the same input. One respect in which XSLT differs from serial text processing languages, however, is that the input is not processed sequentially line by line. Rather, the input XML document is treated as a tree structure, and each template rule is applied to a node in the tree. The template rule itself can decide which nodes to process next, so the input is not necessarily scanned in its original document order.

Read About ☛ Extensible Stylesheet Language(XSL):

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Re: Features Of XSLT As a Language!

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