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What is UDDI?

UDDI: (Universal Discovery Description and Integration)

Universal Discovery Description and Integration is the yellow pages of Web services.
As with traditional yellow pages, you can search for a company that offers the services you need, read about the service offered and contact someone for more information. You can, of course, offer a Web service without registering it in UDDI, just as you can open a business in your basement and rely on word-of-mouth advertising but if you want to reach a significant market, you need UDDI so your customers can find you.

UDDI Directory:

Read About ☛ SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

A UDDI directory entry is an XML file that describes a business and the services it offers. There are three parts to an entry in the UDDI directory. The "white pages" describe the company offering the service: name, address, contacts, etc. The "yellow pages" include industrial categories based on standard taxonomies such as the North American Industry Classification System and the Standard Industrial Classification. The "green pages" describe the interface to the service in enough detail for someone to write an application to use the Web service. The way services are defined is through a UDDI document called a Type Model or tModel. In many cases, the tModel contains a WSDL file that describes a SOAP interface to an XML Web service, but the tModel is flexible enough to describe almost any kind of service.

Read About ☛ WSDL (Web Services Description Language)

The UDDI directory also includes several ways to search for the services you need to build your applications. For example, you can search for providers of a service in a specified geographic location or for business of a specified type. The UDDI directory will then supply information, contacts, links, and technical data to allow you to evaluate which services meet your requirements.
UDDI allows you to find businesses you might want to obtain Web services from. What if you already know whom you want to do business with but you don't know what services are offered? The WS-Inspection specification allows you to browse through a collection of XML Web services offered on a specific server to find which ones might meet your needs.
Read About ☛ XML Web Service:

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Re: What is UDDI?

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