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Languages Of XML Schema!

XML Schema Languages:

☛ Document Content Description facility for XML, an RDF framework
☛ Document Definition Markup Language (DDML)

Read About ☛ XML Schema Purpose:

☛ Document Schema Definition Languages (DSDL)
☛ Document Structure Description (DSD)
☛ SGML’s Document Type Definition (DTD)

Read About ☛ XML Schema Used For?

☛ Namespace Routing Language (NRL)
☛ OASIS CAM Content Assembly Mechanism
☛ RELAX NG and its predecessors RELAX and TREX
☛ Schema for Object-Oriented XML (SOX)

Read About ☛ XML Schema

☛ Schematron
☛ XML-Data Reduced (XDR)
☛ ASN.1 XML Encoding Rules (XER)
☛ XML Schema (WXS or XSD)

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2014-10-05 09:42:46

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Re: Languages Of XML Schema!

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