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How to convince stobborn elders to buy technology?


do you Have a stubborn old grandma/pa who refuses to get a computer or any other modern technology? Is your mother/father still using cassette tapes, or worse: 8-tracks?!? Then this is the 'How To' for you.

1 Example: Told them that "A computer would be so much better than your old typewriter!" Then, back up your argument with details. "There is no more need for whiteout. Just press backspace!"

2 When the elder starts asking questions, answer them truthfully and make it sound very positive. Example: Elder's Question - "Does this computer take ink ribbons?" Answer - "No!"

3 If the elder starts making excuses relating to their lack of knowledge, tell them that's what you are there for. By convincing a senior to use technology, you are automatically their tech support.

4 If the elder makes financial excuses, don't be afraid to throw your money around. You obviously care about this person enough to try and update their lifestyle, so offer to purchase their 'computer.'

5 When and if you convince them, act on it right away. Purchase the computer or other device right away. Even if you aren't the one paying, pick the device up for them. Set it up in their homes, too. Give them basic instructions and leave them with a phone number to call to reach you if they need help. Good luck!

Elders don't like change. It may take several of these arguments on several different days before they give in.
If you have brothers, sisters, or other relations that are aware of the elder you are convincing, don't be afraid to ask them to pitch in with financial expenses.
Often times, elders will be very appreciative and wonder why they didn't update their ways themselves.

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Re: How to convince stobborn elders to buy technology?

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