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Basic XSLT Tutorial.     
 XSLT Introduction.
 XSLT Templates.            
 XSLT Attributes.              
 XSLT Transformation.     
 XSLT Variables.              
 XSLT Formatting.            
 XSLT Loops.                   
 XSLT Sorting.                 
 XSLT Conditions.             
 XSLT Multi Selection.     
 XSLT Functions.              
 XSLT Copying.                
 XSLT Combining.           
 XSLT Summary.              

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XSLT is a technology for transformation of XML file into HTML documents or to other XML supported documents. And XPath is a simple technique, used for navigation in XML documents. XSLT is W3C recommendations.  As you know the structure of an XML file; we have one root and multiple elements in it, to find out any specific element and then show in the output device like web browser we navigate in XML document, for this purpose se need to use XPath.

This XSLT Tutorial helps you to convert XML elements data to various formats for distribution.
XSL, or Extensible Stylesheet Language, consists of three languages for converting XML documents into other formats. XSL Formatting Objects (XML FO) describes visual formatting, while XPath accesses specific parts of an XML document. But XSL Transformations (XSLT) is the language for actually converting documents from one XML format into another only.

The simplest case starts with two documents: an XML document of original data and an XSLT style sheet for transforming this XML document. An XSLT processor applies the rules from the XSLT style sheet to the XML file to create a new, third document in HTML, WML, SVG, or almost any other XML format.

Introduction to XSLT Processor

Multiple Extensible Stylesheet Language files can present a single document in multiple formats. A single XSLT document could transform multiple instances of one data type into a standard presentation format, which you could change simply by modifying the style sheet. Or XSLT could transform multiple instances of XML elements data into multiple formats. And it is not constrained to presentation: Extensible Stylesheet Language is a powerful tool for translating one system's data format into another's, as in B2B or B2C transactions.

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