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XML in Notepad

As we know the XML is text based language and the best way to learn XML with its basics we recommends to work with notepad.  Because it will be always good technique to start any language with its lowest form.  One big opportunity is that XML files can be created and edited using a simple text-editor like Notepad that's why avail this opportunity.

However, when we start working with XML, we will soon find that it is better to edit XML documents using some kind of  professional XML editor .

Why we need XML Editors?

Number of programmers and web developers use simple notepad to develop or code HTML, XSL, CSS, JavaScript as well as XML documents and this is because each operating system have a built-in functionality of Notepad.  That's why most developers use it and for the beginners it is best to use Notepad but for the professionals it is not enough because in Notepad we can't examine the validity of our XML tags.  Today XML is an very important technology, and development projects use XML-based technologies like to define XML structure we use XML Schema and for its validity Notepad is not suitable.  For transformation of XML document with XSL we need again some XML Editor because we cant validate our XML document in Notepad.

GGL Recommendations for XML Editors.

XML Tutorial examples are validated with XML Spy.  We used XML Spy and XML Style Studio and we found both are very good editors. These both editors are having good facilities like easy to use, attractive and user trendily interface.  Syntax coloring is very cool to examine the tags attributes and standards etc.  Automatic checking of tags validations is also a great features that helps through out the development of XML, Schema, XSL and other supporting formats. Some built-in functionality like Schema or DTD sense to validate is also very attractive feature in both of editors.  Multiple views examine your working and performance.  XPath Analyzer to work with XML style sheet XSL.  SOAP and WSDL validity and generations is quite easy in these editors.  Some major programming languages like C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, XSL, PHP, ASP and many more support is also available in these.
It would be better to read the complete specification and functionalities of these both from there web sites. To read about the XML Editors XML Spy  and XML Style Studio go on its site by clicking on there names and read there working

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