Sybase Interview Preparation Guide
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Sybase Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Sybase became the number two database system behind Oracle, after making a deal with Microsoft to share the source code for Microsoft to remarket on the OS/2 platform as SQL Server. So get preparation for the Sybase job or learn basic and advance Sybase with the help of this Sybase Interview Questions with Answers guide

123 Sybase Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain about the Sybase group?

Sybase exclusively focuses on mobilizing and managing information. It is known to be the third largest database
management company after Oracle and IBM. Sybase products on Investment banking are well known to the world over and it offers many customized solutions for business intelligence.

2 :: State some of the products of Sybase?

Sybase has worlds leading products some of them are
► Avantgo
► Power builder and power designer
► SQL ianywhere
► Sybase IQ
► Sybase replication server
► Sybase RTE
► Sybase data federation
► Main frame connect

3 :: State some of the criticism about Sybase IQ?

Sybase storage systems are optimized for Dataware housing applications where data cannot be modified can be modified by searching and accessing the data.
Its column based search criteria gives high performance for search but it negates the writing capability to the data. Performance for row based relational based databases is worse because it is very difficult for updating and modifying them.

4 :: Explain about Sybase 365?

This product from Sybase is the world leader in messaging services through mobile. It distributes mobile content via MMS, SMS, UMTS and WAP. It process more than 8 billion messages monthly and with this product you have access to enterprise mobility anywhere.

5 :: Explain What is Update Statistics in Sybase?

The update statistics command helps the server
make the best decisions about which indexes to use when it processes a query, by providing information about the distribution of the key values in the indexes. The update statistics commands create statistics, if there are no statistics for a particular column, or replaces existing statistics if they already exist. The statistics are stored in the system tables systabstats and sysstatistics.

6 :: Explain the structure of Adaptive server enterprise?

Structure of ASE installation hosts several databases and it comprises of one data server. Also system files occupy only one meta data. User databases are stored in the form of tables. Security and information privacy can be protected by setting permissions.

7 :: Explain about the features of Sybase IQ?

Sybase IQ stores data base in the form of columns of data rather in rows. This storage model improves the accessibility and search criteria for the data. Performance of the search criteria improves greatly because it searches only columns rather than the rows and columns of the database. This is also environment friendly.

8 :: Explain the benefits you can get from Mainframe connect?

These are the following benefits you can get from mainframe connect: -
1) Client applications can be enabled. External software’s can be connected to the mainframe connect for higher performance.
2) Mainframe applications connect to external data through LAN.
3) New applications can be created which enables you to connect to external data or source of information.

9 :: Explain about the mainframe connect tools from Sybase?

This connectivity tool gives access to high performance tools which connects you very fast to the main frame data sources. It gives you read and write access to databases. It also has a facility by which you can connect the main frame data to secondary data storage facilities.

10 :: Explain about Power Designer Data modeling software?

Power designer has two unique tools known as Link and Sync technologies. This technology offers Data base designers to design efficient data models through which one can offer efficient design. Also Data base designers can share resources among them which will improve the productivity and performance.

11 :: Explain about the Data integration suite features?

Data integration suite offers advanced development and management tools. Integration of data is very easy and efficient as you can navigate your data to a specified address without much difficulty. The five important features are ETL, Data federation, Replications, Real time events and search events.

12 :: What is the difference in storage type of numeric and decimal data types in sybase ?

The numeric and decimal types are identical in all respects but one:
Only numeric types with a scale of 0 can be used for the IDENTITY column

13 :: What are the vital features of Sybase?

Absolutely there are numerous features but most important are as follows

1. Manages User Connection
2. Enforces Business Rules
3. Provide Recovery and BackUps
4. Understand T-SQL
5. Optimize Query Execution
6. Maintain Databases with NO Redundancy
7. Supports Data and Referential Integrity
many more....

14 :: Explain about Enterprise scalability and ROI of Data integration suite?

Enterprise scalability provides increased capacity without any new addition of hardware. It increases the capacity by increasing the availability in the enterprise data layer.
ROI: - Streamlining of application projects and reducing data management costs, data federation increases ROI. Complexity and superior decision making choices make ROI best in its class.

15 :: Give the benefits of Data integration suite?

Some of the benefits which you can get from a Data integration suite are
1) Flexibility: -This suite gives a greater flexibility to incorporate data from various sources such as web, file systems, etc and it can transfer this data to third party applications such as SQL, production systems, etc.

16 :: What is procedure cache and data cache in Sybase?

Procedure cache is the memory area where compiled query tree run e.g, procedure, batch query. Data Cache is the memory area where data that is required for the current querys running is bought from Disk on to memory for building result sets.

17 :: Explain about Mirror Activator Disk mirroring?

This software works with storage replication systems and replicates the database to an available ASE or any database back up devices such as oracle. It increases the security of applications and also reduces the fail over time for data applications.

18 :: Explain about Open switch business continuity software?

Open switch business software helps you to work on the back up system without any hassles making your primary database server secured. It gives you connectivity to the primary database from the secondary server even in the middle of the application.

19 :: Explanation about replication server software?

Replication server software makes you to manage multiple data platforms very easily. Some of the features which it provides are heterogeneous replication and synchronization across various applications bi directionally. It provides services from the client to server and server to client.

20 :: What is a Coalesce? What is the equivalent of Oracle/Db2 Coalesce Function in Sybase?

Coalesce is also available in Sybase
This functions evaluates the listed expressions and returns the first non-null value. If all the expressions are null, coalesce returns null

USAGE: coalesce(expression, expression [, expression]...)

EXAMPLE: coalesce(initialqty,finalqty,middleqty)

Returns the first occurrence of a non-NULL value in either the initialqty or finalqty or middleqty