Moodle Interview Preparation Guide
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Moodle Interview Questions and Answers will teach us now that Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a free and open-source e-learning software platform, also known as a Course Management System, Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment. So start preparation of Moodle jobs with this Moodle Interview Questions with Answers guide

27 Moodle Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can we change the look and feel of our Moodle course?

Yes. Moodle courses, when created, have several blocks by default as well as a news forum. When you turn the editing on for your course, you will see arrows that allow you to move each individual block or delete individual blocks that you feel are unnecessary for your purposes. There are also additional blocks from a drop down menu that may be better suited to your course. (Any deleted blocks can be re-added at anytime from the block drop down menu which never disapears). You may also move the blocks around the page so that you have two columns instead of three. You can choose to present your course in weekly, topic or social format. Finally, you can add images and a variety of other tools to shape your Moodle course the way you want to.

2 :: How do I enable students to unenrol themselves from courses?

1. Access Administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles.
2. Click the edit icon opposite the student role.
3. Change the moodle/role:unassignself capability from not set to allow.
4. Click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the page.

3 :: Can I change the look and feel of my Moodle site?

Moodle sites have a little less flexibility than courses, but there are still quite a few changes that can be made to customize your site. Your Moodle administrator will be able to discuss these with you. One of the more important features is Categories and Subcategories, which will layer your site instead of simply displaying every single course on the site off the first page.

You can also display arbitrary blocks of text, HTML, images, audio or web links.

4 :: How can I prevent administrators being listed as course participants?

Ensure that administrators are not assigned another role in addition to their admin role.

5 :: Can I change the title of a teacher/tutor in Moodle?

Not easily. Each Moodle site has a number of "Roles" set up (e.g., Staff and Student). The site administrator can set up additional roles with any name and with appropriate permissions. Once available users can be assigned to these new roles within courses.

Additionally, you can change the names of existing Roles in a Course's settings page.

6 :: Why are participants being added automatically when a new course is created?

If a user is assigned a system role or a role in the course category context then the user has this role in ALL courses in that context. Thus users who are students or teachers at the category level appear as course participants in all courses in that category.

Please check Administration > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles and also the Assign roles link in course categories page and unassign users as necessary.

7 :: Can I edit things in Moodle easily?

You can always go back and edit a resource or an activity that you have created in Moodle by choosing the 'update' option (once your editing is turned on). You can also move resources or activities in Moodle by choosing the up/down arrow icons beside the resource or activity (again, once your editing is turned on). If you have uploaded a document to the Moodle files section and wish to make a change, you will need to make the change locally and then re-upload the file. If you don't immediately see the changes, you may need to empty your cache/history in your web browser.

8 :: What is the definition of Role ,Capability ,Permission ,Context ?

An identifier of the user's status in some context, for example Teacher, Student and Forum moderator
A description of a particular Moodle feature, for example moodle/blog:create
A setting for a capability - inherit, allow, prevent or prohibit
A "space" in Moodle, such as courses, activity modules or blocks

9 :: Can I have more than 10 choices in the Choice Activity?

Yes. Complete the first 10 and save the choice. Go back and update the Choice and you will see you have more choices. You may have to do this multiple times if you have large numbers of options.

10 :: How many depths of categories/subcategories can I create?

There is no programmatic limit, but there are practical limits. Very deeply nested structures are difficult to manage. 3 levels of categories should be sufficient for most situations.
Note that there is always at least one level of categories, since the Course category always encompasses all other categories and grade items, can cannot be deleted.