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Zend Server frequently Asked Questions in various Zend job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Zend Server interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Zend Server job interview

20 Zend Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what is the way in which the HTML can be used to form elements?

- The form elements can be customized using the decorators and using the Zend_Form for the rendering of the output.

- The description decorator can be used to have an instance running that allow the HTML to create the form elements.

- The turning of escape characters is required for the output of the decorator and it can be represented as shown below:

array('Description', array('escape', false)),
array('HtmlTag', array('tag' => 'dd')),
array('Label', array('tag' => 'dt')),

- The element can be set to use the description by adding the extra HTML to this and it can be done using this:

$element->setDescription('<strong>Hello World</strong>');
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2 :: Explain what is the procedure to see that the optional file is detected?

- There is a use of receive() method that returns true for the file element which is not required.

- The file can be neglected when using the method mentioned above, as soon as the file gets opened it detected.

- The method returns the false in case of any error or the file hasn’t been copied or uploaded directly.

- There are other methods used to provide the detection of the file using the elements in normal HTML file.

- The methods can detect the file and provide the tools to make the file being detected.
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3 :: How to write a program that performs the calculations using the SQL function?

- The SQL functions are used to perform the calculations of the statements using the Zend_Db_Select command.

- The expression needs to have parentheses and the command that is given as Zend_Db_Select need to provide the statement appropriately.

- The Zend_Db_Expr is used to explicitly create the expressions that are given below:

$select = $db->select()
->from(array('p' => 'products'),
'cost_plus_tax' => new Zend_Db_Expr('p.cost * 1.08'),
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4 :: Can you explain what is the difference between Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl?

- Zend_Auth provides the authentication protocol for the users using many methods whereas; Zend_Acl is used for authorization purpose.

- Zend_Auth uses the methods like LDAP, OpenID and HTTP to provide the authentication, whereas Zend_Acl uses Access Control List for authorization.

- Zend_Auth provide the authentication in the form of verifying and providing the credentials for the user’s system, whereas Zend_Acl uses list of roles that is being implemented only those who are authorized to it.

- Zend_Auth provides an environment to the system through which user who is authenticated for use, whereas Zend_Acl performs some operations on the specific resources that need to be written on the system.

- Zend_Auth supports the authentication platforms features, whereas Zend_Acl supports the advanced definitions with features of multiple inheritance and other similar features.
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5 :: Tell me what are the ways in which the file can be detected as being uploaded or not?

- There are certain functions used for the detection of the file and check whether the file is being uploaded properly or not.

- The use of isUploaded() function with the pre-defined parameters are used to check and it returns the boolean result.

- The use of getFileName() method is used to provide the latest releases of the file and returns the NULL.

- The use of getFileInfo() provides a way to make an empty file key that can be used to check whether the file is being uploaded or not.

- The flag is set for the isUploaded() method to false that allow the detection to be made easy.
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6 :: Do you know what is the use of Zend framework?

- Zend framework is a robust framework that provides the components used by the web applications.

- It provides inbuilt libraries and functions to make the programming and integration easier.

- Zend framework consists of loosely coupled components that can be used to easily integrate in an application.

- It is used for the web application that uses lots of functions and libraries without writing much of the coding.

- It provides tools that can be used to have the standalone component based architecture.
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7 :: Tell me what is the function of model in MVC architecture?

- MVC is made up of model, view and controller components to, represents the data in the architectural form.

- The model component can vary from one requirement to another for MVC application.

- The function model represents the application that has the abstract processing of the components.

- It uses the zend framework that defines MVC architecture at one place and allow the applications to use it.

- It is having the model interface, class and other components that used to identify the value and provide the limitations on the use.
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8 :: How to write a program to show the function of action helper?

- Action helper is used to create the application and instantiate the object of it using the Zend_View.

- The object is used and stored using the ViewRenderer’s property that creates an instance and provides more options.

- It includes the dispatch process before any action is being dispatched from the view and the example code is given as:

if (!isset($viewRenderer->view)) {
$view = $viewRenderer->view;
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9 :: Explain what is the function of action helper in Zend?

- Zend allows the creation of application using the framework that provides MVC architecture.

- The action helper is used to instantiates and store the object i.e Zend_View and other objects that are related to view.

- It also provides ways to inject the instantiation process in different objects by the help of action helper.

- The view object is stored in the view property provided by the action helper and a view instance is created using this.

- ViewRenderer instance is being created using the action helper function and it allows creating sync between all the objects.
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10 :: How to write a program to retrieve the view object within plugin?

- Zend uses the framework that allows easy retrieving of the object within the arbitrary code.

- It uses the action helper and other class methods to view the object within the plugin.

- The method ViewRenderer() is used by default in the zend framework to view and render the components.

$viewRenderer = Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::getStaticHelper('viewRenderer';
$view = $viewRenderer->view;
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