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Windows General frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Windows General. These interview questions and answers on Windows General will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Windows General job interview

22 Windows General Questions and Answers:

1 :: You install a new print server for your company. You
attach a printer and install the drivers but when you try to
print, the page comes out garbled or doesnt print
correctly. What could be the problem?
1 You are using an incorrect driver
2 There is insufficient hard drive space for spooling
3 You dont have the required permissions
4 The printer settings are using an incorrect font substitute.?

You are using an incorrect driver in the server
due to that it will not fetching the Printer information
Due to mismatch in drivers it will started giving error in
Correct drivers with same Model has to be replaced with
problematic Driver will resolve this issue
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8 :: If RID master is down, can domain user can login is domain

Yes, RID mater is not related to user Authentication. If PDC
is down then the users will not be able to login to Domain.
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9 :: What is loopback processing in win server 2K3 and 2K8

Loopback processing is a feature that allows a more precise
level of control over user policy settings for a targeted
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10 :: What applications does not use VSS?

VSS doeasnot allow allow the backup of SQL transcation
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